Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Citizens Stand Against the Racino!


May 30, 2017  Citizens Stand Against the Racino!
Our big news is that the citizens of Freedom Township are standing up for themselves. They don’t want or need a harness racing track and huge casino in their mostly rural Township. They found a provision in the 2nd Class Township Code that allows a VOTE, a Referendum, on banning Horse Race Tracks from the Township. This is the first time a casino proposal can be stopped by the people who would suffer the most from it.
The citizens of Freedom Township, Adams County, PA have met the criteria for the referendum provision in the Township Code.  In this case, the first criteria were the signatures of 46.5 registered voters. Volunteers from Freedom Township went door to door over one weekend and collected the notarized signatures of 120 registered voters, which they presented to the Supervisors on May 10 along with 270 additional signatures. An additional requirement was that the proposed racetrack be less than 50 air miles from the center of an existing licensed racetrack. An air mile is 6,076.11 ft., longer than a land mile. No Casino Gettysburg employed professional surveyors who determined, in two different analyses, that the center of the proposed track is 49.5 Air Miles from the center of Penn National Race Track in Grantville, PA. That’s close!
The Code states that if these two criteria are met the referendum is mandatory. The Supervisors have been examining it and will meet June 14 at 8PM to announce their decision. In addition, LeVan has submitted his 3rd text amendment to the Township. The Planning Commission hasn’t liked the first two, but we’ll find out at their next meeting at 7PM on June 7 what they think of this latest try. Both meetings will be at the Greenmount Fire Hall, 3095 Emmitsburg Rd., Gettysburg.
We gave public comment to the last Horse Racing Commission meeting, letting them know about the Referendum. LeVan still hasn’t applied for the license, but he has until June 14. With a referendum looming, he may be having difficulty getting funding, especially since the market is saturated.
We noticed that LeVan is asking lots of influential groups to endorse his project. So far, it’s been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Economic Development Authority but Destination Gettysburg stayed neutral. Many people endorsed his last two attempts to build a casino in Gettysburg but it didn’t help. He still never got a single vote from the PA Gaming Control Board!
HOW YOU CAN HELP: Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to let them know how you feel about a proposed casino in Gettysburg. This helps more people find our website and sign the petition. If you are nearby, e-mail us to get a sign for your yard to spread the word. Please donate if possible. Stay current at www.NoCasinoGettysburg.ORG


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