Thursday, October 08, 2015

We must have hit a nerve!

 [Updated at 10:40 AM]

We must have hit a nerve with that last post.  They've pulled out all the stops!

Somebody or multiple somebodies sicced Fred Snyder on us.  Fred stooped to calling us a "failed website."  I guess failure means we are about to start our 12th year here.  Has Fred had his column that long?

Now Publisher Hartman has weighed in with his incomplete information.

First, Mr. Hartman, it is NOT a small group that contests the decision to move some services out of the County Seat.  Second, it is the County Seat of Adams County and that is where county government belongs.

Besides, won't moving County offices to Cumberland Township deprive Cumberland of the taxes on that location?

People at the Times are not doing their homework.

Happy Birthday to ACEDC?  Well, 26 years of making up statistics to push development is long  enough.  Move on ACEDC, go somewhere else, like another state, or even another country -- Mexico could use you.  We have a gem to protect here and everything you do moves toward its ruination.

Keep County Government in the County Seat --- where we can all keep a closer eye on it.

For further reading we strongly recommend the first 5 quotes under the "Timely Quotes" section in the right column just to the right of this post.  They apply to the situation with the County Commissioners discussed in this post.


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Now in our 11th year!

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