Monday, September 28, 2015

Jim Getty - September 26, 2015

In person, and off stage, he was a kindly man.  He was a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, and went to the  monthly Navy Breakfasts at the Gettysburg Family Restaurant.  He had served in the Navy during the Korean War.   And sometimes, this humble man could be seen sitting on his stoop in front of his home.  He was every bit as fascinating off stage as he was on.  

Born in Illinois, he was a teacher in Ohio in 1977 when he decided to come to Gettysburg to "become" Lincoln.  It had to be a calling.  Born in the land of Lincoln, a strong physical resemblance to Lincoln, and connected to Lincoln by the name of James Getty, and Gettysburg, how could he not become THE Lincoln at Gettysburg?

Jim Getty was never elected President of the United States.  He never led the nation through its most trying time during a civil war.  But if you ever experienced one of his performances, you came away thinking that perhaps he could have done those things.  He was that good. 

Jim Getty passed away on Saturday, September 26, 2015. 

He will be greatly missed.  His fans are legion, and forever seared in the memories of countless thousands of people is Jim Getty's Lincoln. 

At Lincoln's death Edwin Stanton intoned, “He now belongs to the ages.”  So, too, does Jim Getty.

Jim Getty now gets to sit down with the Great Emancipator himself, who would likely tell him he did much good, and did it well.


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