Friday, April 12, 2013

Perry intros bill to enable NPS to get Train Station

Representative Scott Perry [R-PA 4] has introduced legislation to expand the boundary of the National Military Park at Gettysburg to include the “Lincoln Train Station’, in the Borough of Gettysburg, and some property along Plum Run in Cumberland Township. 

The bill, HR 1513, was introduced April 11, 2013, with three co-sponsors, Representatives Lou Barletta [R-PA 11], Jim Gerlach [R-PA 6], and Tom Marino [R-PA 10].  The bill now heads to the House Natural Resources Committee. 

Although the text of the legislation is not available yet, it is expected that when this bill is enacted, it will permit the acquisition of the “Lincoln Train Station” by the National Park Service, to be added to the downtown Gettysburg NPS site of the David Wills House.  

Our understanding of the process is that this is the first stage in the process of acquisition.  It amounts to changing the outer boundary of the Battlefield by moving it to include the desired physical location.   Set by Congress, there are two boundaries: an inner that is the actual official limit of the current National Military Park, and  the outer boundary which extends out from the inner boundary to include ground that is deemed historic and could be acquired by the Park Service to be added to the National Military Park.

We will post the details of this bill when the text is returned from the Government Printing Office early next week, unless some kind soul from Congressman Perry’s office would send us a copy.  8-)

We have added a link to the Library of Congress website’s Thomas system to track the progress of this bill.   Check the top of the right hand column for that link.


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