Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Response to Critique of Freeh Report

As expected, the response to the Sue Paterno-generated report which points out problems in the Freeh Report, we anticipated the response of the national media.  The usual scorn, and mind-twisting attempts by [mostly] sports journalists [and we use the term journalists loosely...perhaps head hunters is more appropriate] appeared on the Web, on TV and in print media yesterday in a blizzard of responses that proved that most of the responders had not even fully read the CRITIQUE OF THE FREEH REPORT: THE RUSH TO INJUSTICE REGARDING JOE PATERNO.

This is to be expected of the current members of the Fourth Estate [who should not be allowed anywhere near a camera, microphone, keyboard, or pen].  

Herman Melville wrote:
"There are some persons in this world, who, unable to give better proof of being wise, take a strange delight in showing what they think they have sagaciously read in mankind by uncharitable suspicions of them.“
As a class of people, journalists have left behind ethics, and morals, and right and wrong, and write based on what passes for style and personality.  As a class, they abhor goodness in people, seeking out the opportunity to point out their faults, and failures, real and imagined.  They cannot abide by the concept that there are good people in this world, for they would not recognize one even if he walked on water, and shared a few fish and loaves of bread with a multitude. 

No, we are not comparing Joe Paterno to any religious figure, but as a man who lived his life by the most basic of principles, not only Christian, but principles that were, and should still be, universal, Joe did so without exception, regardless of the price to be paid, and unflinchingly.  The members of the Fourth Estate would have you believe that no such person exists.

Perhaps it is because of their own lack of such principles that they can no longer tolerate anyone who is better than they are.


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