Monday, July 23, 2012

Mind-boggling: NCAA

$60 Million in fines?

Vacating all victories from 1998-2011?

Loss of some scholarships for the next four years?

No post-season games allowed for four years?  

Mind boggling.  

So hundreds of thousands of students are penalized, and fans, and supporters of Penn State are to be punished?

All because of some as yet unproven allegations against Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier?  

No ma'am, no sir!  I am NOT forgetting the victims.  But unlike most everyone else, I am seeing one, at least, and possibly 3 more victims here of a rush to judgment, and millions of Penn State students, alumni, and fans who are also made victims by the NCAA.  None of the allegations have been proven.   There are charges against two of the four, Curley and Schultz, that they committed perjury in their Grand Jury testimony. 

I have never liked the fact that the NCAA hands out such penalties to schools because of recruiting violations, or cheating, or providing freebies to student athletes...crimes committed by the coaching staffs.  And then the coaches move on to another school, leaving the student athletes, and their fan base, and boosters, and the school dangling in the wind for several years.  

What kind of message does that send to a university, its students, and its alumni?  And what does it say to those coaches?  Only that if you get caught you will wind up at a smaller school with a lower salary, or on national TV broadcasting or analyzing games. 

Why, when meting out punishment, is it necessary to create thousands of new victims?  And why must it be done before all the facts are proven?  There are far too many questions than answers in the Freeh report.  At the very least the NCAA should have waited until Curley and Schultz have their day in court, IF they indeed have one coming.  We still think there is something lacking in the perjury charges, and that is specificity.  

Talk about a rush to judgment!

Mind boggling. 


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GettysBLOG said...

Can't speak to the Gettysburg Inn, which is what your link points to, but the Gettysburg Hotel, which is on the Square in the center of town is an outstanding hotel, and probably the best in the area.