Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Message from Susan Paddock of NoCasinGettysburg

 We won two major wars against those who want to have a casino close to the Gettysburg National Military Park.  But we need continual vigilance to maintain the character of Gettysburg as a family friendly historic treasure.
Right now there is a danger that another one or two casino licenses (for the large 5000 slot casinos labeled Category II) would be auctioned off to the highest bidder anywhere in the state.
HB 65 passed the House and is now in a PA Senate Committee.  This bill offers NO protection for Gettysburg in a time when David LeVan has stated in recent legal papers that he stillwants to pursue bringing a casino to Adams County.  You can read more about the bill here and in the news stories posted on our site.
The bill could be voted on in committee and if passed, go to the Senate floor this month.
If you live in PA, Please write to your PA senator and ask him or her to protect Gettysburg by voting NO on the casino license auction bill because it does not protect Gettysburg.
Just say: Please vote No on the casino license auction bill because it does not protect Gettysburg.
Find your rep and senator HERE:
If you live outside PA please forward this to any friends you have in PA.
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THANK YOU for continuing to protect Gettysburg.
Yours for History and Community
Susan Star Paddock
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Thank you Susan!


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