Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Way to Go Adams Voters! Good Work!

Congratulations to the voters of the Gettysburg Area, for electing the second new school board in the past five years. Let’s hope this one is the right one. The last one was a tax and spend abysmal failure. If spending doesn’t get deeply cut, there will be new faces after the next election. But the folks we elected seem to have their eyes on the spending ball.

And the County Commissioners race got two right. We would have preferred Paul Kellett to Marty Qually, but we also think Qually will do a good job balancing the two Republicans.

Huge congratulations to Paul Martin, a really legitimate “good guy”, and to one of our favorites, Randy Phiel, another legitimate “good guy”.

In Cumberland Township, we eliminated Deb Golden. Perhaps the vendetta against the Paddock family will come to an end now. And the new Supervisors should put an end to the ridiculous spending by the previous Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors has complained about all the tax free land in the township and the untaxable income from retirees. Nevertheless, they failed to learn to live within their means. We hope the new board retires that million dollar loan, and makes other cuts. Less work on the Township property and more on the roads puts tax money where it belongs.

All in all, a successful election. Our hopes are high that local government will make drastic cuts in spending and ease the burdens of the taxpayers.


We support the Roadmap to Reform!

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