Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gettysburg Slimes Unnaturally Obsessed

Day after day, issue after issue, the Gettysburg Slimes tros out the same story, changing only the context in which it is framed. It has become an unnatural obsession as their inability to move on and accept what both the Department of the Interior and the object of their invective have already explained.

Germane? screamed the headline. Apparently the Gettysburg Slimes does not understand the concept of confidentiality of personnel issues. Would the Insipid Reporter and the Editor of the Slimes publish their entire personnel records? Hardly.

What is it about the Inspector General's report that the Insipid Reporter and the Editor fail to comprehend: the scope of the investigation was limited to the 17 allegations, of which the Superintendent was exonerated fully. The computer images were not one of the allegations and were a by-product of the investigation...and they were a personnel issue which was confidential, and not subject to public scrutiny.

We have the highest regard for the former Superintendent for the way he stood up and accepted responsibility for his actions. Not for his actions on the computer. But for his hadling of this final issue and of course, for his accomplishments here as Superintendent.

According to the only real newspaper in the area, the Hanover Evening Sun, the maximum penalty for what the Superintendent did was a five day suspension for the first offense. Apparenly that was not enough for the person who leaked the reports to the Washington Post, and the Washington Post has as little respect for the confidentiality of personnel issues as the Gettysburg Slimes.

The actions of these newsrags is despicable. They go beyond what you see in the checkout line at the supermarket.

Time for the Gettysburg Slimes to change ownership, and editors, and restore decency, honor and honesty to their paper, a reputation that has not just been tarnished, but has been trashed.


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