Friday, October 23, 2009

Gettysburg Slimes Editor Must Resign!

Let us be perfectly clear about this up front: We in no way condone, or excuse the alledged actions of Dr. Latschar in viewing alledgedly "sexually explicit" images on his work computer, during work. It is inexcusable. Indeed, we condemn such activities as thoughtless, stupid and the product of poor judgment, made all the more surprising in a man who has accomplished so much.

That said, it is a personnel issue and therefore should have been kept confidential. Whomever it was in the Department of the Interior that thoughtlessly and illegally leaked the contents of an internal memo has done far worse than what the Superintendent has done.

So is what the Gettysburg Slimes has done. In fact, their actions may even leave them open to civil suit. At best their actions are reprehensible.

Today's headline proudly screams "OUT", with the teaser, "Porn hobby gets Latschar reassigned".

The reporting and writing by Our Insipid Reporter is third rate -- most seventh graders could do better. But the fact that it has become a crusade by Our Insipid Reporter and his Editor simply trashes this once excellent newspaper's reputation, and certainly has to have had a deleterious effect on circulation and advertising.

He also lacks a bit of plain knowledge and logical skill to connect the dots. On his blog, he asks:

"For some reason, investigators failed to mention in the report that Latschar violated NPS policy, when he downloaded and viewed pornographic images during work time.

The IG’s office has not returned inquiries all week. Maybe they’re too busy.

The local park offices have referred all questioning to the Philadelphia Northeast Region Headquarters. A spokesman there said that he could not comment whether Latschar was sanctioned, but said that the park does have a computer-use policy.

Latschar acknowledged in an IG memo that he violated the code.

Park policy states that a staffer could be suspended up to five days, among other sanctions.

Was he punished?

No one with official knowledge is saying anything.

The whole situation is shrouded in a cloud of secrecy."

No mystery here. Follow the reasoning:

1. The Superintendent's behavior in viewing sexually explicit images on his work computer during work was not a part of the original investigation. Therefore, it was not in the report which addressed only those allegations that it investigated.

2. What the Superintendent did violated personnel policy, not the law, and as such is not subject to public scrutiny. Whatever steps the Department of the Interior or the National Park Service takes are confidential and not open to the public. Chances are, you got all you're going to get from Dr. Latschar himself, who was man enough to admit violating the personnel policy and that he was reassigned.

3. Was he punished? Hey, you are supposed to be a reporter. Did he not tell you he was reassigned?

Clearly, the editor, who fosters this kind of smearing, has as little clue as to what happens in the real world as his Insipid Reporter/blogger.

They managed to see him fall from power. Never mind the good that he has done. Even that gets tossed away as "controversial" because the Gettysburg Slimes has never accepted that Gettysburg National Military Park is a "Military" park, not a nature preserve, or a recreation park. They have never looked into the meaning of that term. Thus, the tree clearing continues to be something they deplore, instead of seeing the real reason for it, and acceptingit as legitimate. They couldn't even resist the temptation to get in another editorial jab at the Superintendent in the caption to the unrelated photograph beside today's smear.

Shame on the Editor and his Insipid Reporter for their heinous actions in campaigning against the Superintendent almost since day one. Finally, the Slimes got their man. They are, in two words, pond scum.

Shame on the owners of this newspaper for allowing it to be used in this fashion. No wonder it is dying, and perhaps a well deserved death, as there is nothing in it to recommend it any more beyond the work of a few solid journalists who have been "reassigned" to the Police and Fire Log.

Editorial policy is non-existant, editorial rules on the editorial page are ignored at the whim of the editor. Articles are not proofed, and certainly are not reviewed editorially for journalistic content. Many news topics are biased to reflect the particular voice of the editor. That is often more important than good grammar and good journalistic content. Editorials advocating a particular position have appeared on the front page as news stories, sometimes with no byline.

Worst of all, they have never issued an apology for any of this.

If the owners are worth what they think they are, they would fire the editorial staff, and dump this Insipid Reporter [the National Enquirer would hire him in a New York minute!], and issue a broad apology for the wretched excesses of their former staff. Then take tighter control of the editorial process. They would do this if they had any honor.

If he had any honor, the editor would resign as well. The Gettysburg Slimes is a disgrace. He doesn't, so he won't.

There is a reason CNN does not include the Gettysburg Slimes on its local news section.

The newspaper is an insult to Gettysburg, the people of Gettysburg, and what Gettysburg really means. It is a sham, and a shame. Gettysburg deserves much better.


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