Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gettysburg Borough Council: Anti American?

The absurdity of it all. First, Gettysburg Borough Council requires the payment of a fee for Veteran Volunteers to perform a military ritual that dates back over a thousand years. Firing a rifle volley salute to a departed Veteran is as old as gun powder. Perhaps before that, organized armies saluted their departed warriors with flights of arrows winging over the grave or funeral pyre.

One wonders if a visiting head of state were to receive a volley of cannon fire in the Cemetery as the rendering of honors requires, would the Borough of Gettysburg require the fee to be paid by the US Army, the US Department of State, or perhaps they would double bill the embassy of the visiting head of state as well.

There are limits even to greed. The borough of Gettysburg has shamed all of America with this display of governmental meddling and control.

So in order to render these "Military Honors", which indeed, even in the history of our nation, predate the establishment of the Borough itself, the Veterans of the Allied Veterans Council must discharge their weapons [blanks] at the gravesite. And that is what the fee is for.

One asks, why? Why would Veterans firing Military salutes over the grave of a departed Veteran not be included in the language of the ordinance as an exception?

Finally, the collection of perhaps $200 per year must be so important that the Borough thus insults the Veterans of this nation.

But this is not the only insult. The flag of the United State of America has been removed from its place of prominence in the middle of Lincoln Square, in downtown Gettysburg, replaced by banners for the upcoming Gettysburg Festival, an event that showcases the merchants of the Borough, and their wares.

We are absolutely stunned that the Borough would perform such an action. But after discovering they charge a fee for firing rifles over the grave of a deceased Veteran, why should this be a surprise.

We are ashamed of the Borough Council of Gettysburg. Of all places in this nation, to pull down the US Colors, and replace them with commercial banners is an affront to all the citizens of this nation. Both actions are despicable.

As for the flag, at least they waited until after Flag Day.

What an inept, unconscious crew Gettysburg Borough Council is! They make even the Cumberland Township Clowns look good!

Perhaps the Borough Council should stop and take a look at who is interested in Gettysburg. We currently are being read in the following foreign lands:

Petaling Jaya, Malasia
Singapore City, Singapore
Taipei, Tai-Pei
Canberra, Australia
Hawthorn, Australia
Quezon City, Philippines
Strand, South Africa
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ediburgh, Scotland
Louth, Ireland,
Oxford, England
Moscow, Russia

What must these world-wide readers think of what passes for government here in the Gettysburg area.

To them I say, this is not America. This is something else entirely.


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Max, Madison, New Jersey said...

Gettysburg belongs not just to the citizens of Gettysburg itself, but to ALL the American people and, indeed, to history itself.

As one who visits Gettysburg at least once every year, I hope that Gettysburg Council members realize these two mistakes they've made and take steps immediately to correct them, and further to ensure that their future actions and policies reflect the pride and patriotism that all of us feel for Gettysburg!

GettysBLOG said...

Thanks, Max!

I agree with you about Gettysburg belonging to the American people, but I also believe it holds some inspirational focus around the world. And not because of our local governments.

The flag has been restored, but the banner is just below it on the pole. Apparently they just don't get it.