Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces II

A real editorial!
Will wonders never cease?!?! Saturdays are amazing for the absences of killjoy pieces by Our Intrepid Reporter about the Park, the Foundation and especially Dr. Latschar, his favorite target, but lo and behold!, this Friday morning we awoke to a real editorial in the Gettysburg Slimes! Not only that, but they agreed with our stand of nine days ago on both the Flag issue on the square, and on the fee required by the Gettysburg Borough for the Allied Veterans Council Color Guard to fire a rifle salute during graveside services in the Borough.

Borough Council hardly apologized for these two gaffs, but tried to explain them away with lame excuses. Such ineptitude is the norm for the Borough's governing body, with more fumbling, time wasting, and excuse making than productive work. The taxpayers are not getting their money's worth from those elected officials.

[Frankly, we also see some nepotism among certain council members and members of certain boards and committees. That ought to be resolved immediately. Unless family members are elected in their own right, they should not be allowed to serve in the same government as another family member. That includes appointees, AND hires. But this is a separate issue for another time.]

Yet we are amazed to find an actual local editorial in the Slimes. So we thought we'd give them a “thumbs up” on this one!

Old Abe
That same editorial advised the Borough Council to steer clear of the proposed Lincoln statue slated [at one point] for Alumni Park. No one disputes the talent of the artist, the statue looks great, as does his statue of the World Trade Center FDNY raising the flag over the 9/11 wreckage. But apparently the FDNY 9/11 sculpture was funded by a foundation which is being investigated as a scam.

We concur with the paper on this issue. The taint is enough to put off until this artist is completely cleared, which it appears is likely to happen.

But this raises an issue. Who is paying for the statue of Lincoln? Does anyone really know?

Someone needs to answer that question, and soon!

To the Slimes and the Evening Sun: Enough already!

Stop publishing the letters from the tree huggers complaining about the Park. The latest in the Sun had not even taken the time to find out about replantings! One hour driving through the park will show anyone with decent eyesight the hundreds of acres of newly planted orchards.

But our biggest gripe with these two newspapers, and their letter writers, is that we have yet to see one word published criticizing the local developers for the trees they cut down and do not replace while building their shopping malls, and massive housing developments.

Shame on the letter writers, and shame on the two newspapers for keeping up this hypocritical assault on the NPS at Gettysburg. It isn't as if the NPS Staff have not written pieces for the papers to print explaining the entire process of clearing and re-planting. So the editorial staffs at both papers are both being irresponsible and hypocritical by publishing the recurring assault by the tree huggers.

No organization husbands their wildlife as carefully as the NPS staff here at Gettysburg. Preventing deer overpopulation keeps the deer herds healthy, and reduces the damage the deer do to the trees and shrubs. Trees that fall naturally are left in place. That there is as much wildlife inside the park as there is continues to astound us. The existing animals are extremely tolerant of the constant flow of visitors traipsing through their habitat, leaving their litter behind. With a million people going through that park, and all the vehicles and buses that spew their fumes around the Park, it is an enormous undertaking to keep the Park looking nice, and to meet their mission of preserving the historical aspects of the Park, including the terrain and structures.

When one considers this issue from that perspective the Park management and staff are due a huge thank you for the wonderful work they perform.

So to the papers: stop now. Enough is enough. Most reasonable people understand you do not understand. Hopefully now you do.

Still, we have our doubts that the papers "get it."


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The Informant said...

The Saturday edition of the Gettysburg Times has been a joke for years. All they print is Associated Press news. You can get that anywhere. If they're still looking to cut costs and save money, they might as well abandon the Saturday edition, beceause it's terrible.