Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pithy Matters

Apparently frustrated when the deadline for the latest court decision on the Cyclorama case passed without a decision, and unsatisfied in his recent attempt to smear not only Dr. John Latschar and the National Park Service, but also local Congressional Representative Todd Russell Platts, Our Intrepid Reporter now publishes a story headlined "Kinsley Contracts Under Scrutiny".

Working on information and implications from his thuggish peers on Borovent, Our Intrepid Reporter concocts a story in which he forthrightly explains the bidding process for the repaving of Park Roads, as it was explained to him by Dr. Latschar. Not satisfied, and unwilling to let the matter drop, Our Intrepid Reporter goes ahead with his story.

Unfortunately, he forgot to tell his Avid Readers who, exactly, is doing the scrutinizing besides himself, and his buddies at Borovent. Obviously the editorial folks and the owners of the Gettysburg Slimes are on the same page as Our Intrepid Reporter. Oh, he implies it is by the NP Inspector General, but that investigation started long before these contracts came before the eyes of Our Intrepid Reporter, and is due to be concluded soon.

To fill out his article Our Intrepid Reporter dredges up old quotes from previous slime articles on Dr. Latschar and the Park Service at Gettysburg. Boy! This is Pulitzer stuff!

Gettysburg is so blessed to have Our Intrepid Reporter on the staff of our equally impressive newspaper. It is a team worthy of journalistic legend, and the reputations of both are growing daily by leaps and bounds. Already the local Waste Management facility is contemplating a monument to this enterprising team.

The paper, and we use the term loosely, continues its assault on the local Park Service by printing monthly letters from the Siderios, and others -- scathing epistles worthy of the best and brightest tree-huggers. One wonders what it is about the term Military Park the Letter-writers and the Gettysburg Slimes cannot understand.

Gettysburg National Military Park is not a Recreational Park, although certain recreational activities are permitted; nor is it a Wilderness Park, or a Wildlife Refuge, though it has elements of both and they are present for all to see and enjoy throughout the year. It is not a Theme Park, either. It is a Military Park, the meaning of which is to preserve the history of what occurred here so that it may be studied. Our current military visits the Park constantly to review Military Science as it was applied here by the participants of this great battle. It is on locations such as this, that our military studies the decisions, actions, events, and personnel involved in this great and important battle. No Military Scientific understanding of any battle is correct or complete without a thorough analysis of the terrain, its effect on the battle, and on the decisions of the leaders who fought the battle. And the Park Service at Gettysburg under Dr. John Latschar has accomplished a preservation effort, though still incomplete, that is today, and will remain for many decades, a model for the entire world. And they have done it well.

Completely lacking in the newspaper attacks on the Park Service terrain rehabilitation program is any sense that they are anything more than Anti-NPS attacks. Really, let us see these letters for what they are, because the have completely ignored local developers who take down far more trees and green space, remove far more wetland, and do NOT plant any trees or make any effort to plant trees or preserve green space. None of the letter writers will include the information in their letters that the NPS is planting hundreds of acres of orchards and historic tree lots. Can anyone testify to similar actions on such a scale by any local developers?

Let this hypocrisy end now. Unless and until such letter writers apply their tactics to the developers and township governments on the same scale they will never have a shred of credibility, and neither will the so-called newspaper that prints them.

Sometimes, people simply cannot see the forest for the trees.


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Anonymous said...

What is your problelm with the Gettysburg Times?

Yea, their front page editorial on Warrior Stadium was inexcusable, but their coverage of the John Latschar saga has been fair and commendable.

Dont forget, The National Journal covered some of these same issues...Kinsley, the inspector general, funding misuse, etc. You didnt have a problem when your buddy John Latschar was scrutinized in the national media, but when the same information is reported in the Gettysburg Times, you think it's a hatchet and smear job.

GettysBLOG said...

Obliviously, you have not caught what is going on with the "Slimes". It is indeed a hatchet /smear job agains Dr. Latschar, prompted in large part by folks with an axe to grind, as the author of the National Journal has, and as the "Slimes" obviously has.

Kinsley's contracts are NOT under scrutiny. The "Slimes" made that up out of whole cloth.

If that doesn't qualify as hatchet/smear, then what does.

Nothing has been proven among all the allegations against Dr. Latschar, and unless and until it does, folks have no business writing about it more than a two paragraph article once.

Most of the allegations are sourced from people with a financial interest in jeopardy, such as merchants along Steinwehr Avenue, who stand to lose a lot of business when the current Park entrance configuration changes.

The "Slimes" stopped being a newspaper long ago. They foster devlopment interests and suppress anything that goes against that. They also hate the fact that this jewel of a Park sits in their backyard. To them it is simply open land that shouold be used to build houses and commercial/industrial parks.

They no longer enjoy the esteem of having Gettysburg associated with their name. Anyone who wants local news has to get it from the Hanover Evening Sun, an editorially biased newspaper that at least has the integrity to treat the news fairly and evenly. No such quality adhere to the "Slimes".

I feel sorry for you if you see the "Slimes" any differently.

Anonymous said...

The Hanover "Scum" aint much different than the "Slimes."

Anonymous said...

Isnt it the job of the press and media to act as a government watchdog and hold the government accountable?

If you dont think the contracts between the park and Kinsley should be scrutinized, with all of the other work that Kinsley has done with the visitor center, then your last name must be Latschar, or Kinsley.

Its refreshing to see the media is asking questions about the contracts. If they would have asked questions ten years ago about the new visitor center, maybe it wouldnt have jumped from $35 million to $125, without any explanation.

You've also got to give Latschar credit for explaining the situation. He said that the bids were awarded out of Denver, end of story. Some of us appreciate a newspaper that holds the government accountable and asks questions.

GettysBLOG said...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree about that. I have a great deal of respect for the Sun, as it has been reporting the news, and all sides of it. Real reporting rather than censored news.

Indeed, they are also very pro development, but they also recognize the problems with rampant development.

GettysBLOG said...

No, I think the job of the press is to report the news, not to make it, which is what the "Slimes" and several reporters attempt to do.

Those contracts are scrutinized repeatedly by several government agencies. The contracts are also open to public scrutiny. No one has seen anything and reported it to date. All they have done is make assertions and accusations but no one has proven anything, and the accusations and assertions actually reswult in smears on the NPS and Dr. Latschar.

As for the cost of the new VC, indeed it escalated at an alarming rate, but what you fail to consider is the costs associated with engineering the site in preparation for the construction was made more difficult by the wetlands involved, and the lawsuits filed by green groups. Accordingly contracts had to be extended while construction was halted. As with everything else in the world, as time goes by prices increase. For a project that took ten or eleven ears from first plan to completion, such an increase is not unheard of.

And no, I am not related in any way to Dr. Latschar or Mr. Kinsley.

I am a believer in the premise that all are innocent until proven guilty. If the "Slimes" has proof that something shady went on then they should provide that proof to whoever it is they think shouold investigate. Then they should refrain from these smear articles, that continuously appear, and raise the paper's stink factor.

Whoever it is over there needs to conme to grips with the fact that the Park is here to stay.

Heldup said...

I agree, GettysBLOG, that Our Intrepid Reporter has become little more than a conduit for a cabal of complainers. I've taken him to task for this myself, but he has yet to learn that a good reporter doesn't have friends, only sourcess.

The Informant said...

Shame on the Gettysburg Times for asking questions and not accepting John Latschar's word as the gospel!

GettysBLOG said...

This will be the final comment on this post...after all, we are a blog, not a discussion forum.

How many times is the "Slimes" going to ask the same questions get the same answers, and publish new smears without any evidence?

Not only does it make Our Intrepid Reporter and his editor and his paper's owner look VERY bad, it doesn't come close to respectable, responsible, honest journalism.

Shame on the "Slimes" for trying repeatedly to manufacture news where none exists.