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Times Spreads NPS Smear to Congressman Platts

innuendo: An indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
What a sad day in Gettysburg and its surrounds when the local "smear paper" spreads its stink-ink to include our local Congressman. Writing in today's edition, hatchet specialist Scot Pitzer put every unproven allegation against Dr. John Latschar, Superintendant of the Gettysburg National Military Park, in a front page article. Pitzer managed to disguise it all in an article showing the views of Representative Todd Russell Platts [R 19] on the Inspector General's investigation into some of the allegations made against Latschar and the Park.

This is not the first time Pitzer and the Gettysburg Times have gone the route of a smear and innuendo campaign. Indeed, the Times should not have home delivery, but rather should market itself at the supermarket checkout. A recent front page article on the tree clearing and replanting operations at the Park was headlined to the effect that the NPS was continuing to "Hack" at the trees. Little mention was given to the fact that the National Park Service Plan includes the planting of hundreds of acres of orchards and historic tree lots. The use of the word "hack" [which might more appropriately be used to describe Mr. Pitzer's talents as a reporter] in both the headline and the article intends a negative bias against the Park and the program. This in spite of repeated letters to the "editor" of the Times fully explaining the plan. The anti-tree clearing letters continue to be published, in all likelyhood because they are anti-National Park Service, which fits the apparent agenda of the Times.

Now Pitzer and the Gettysburg Times have extended their smear to Platts by innuendo:

"Platts has represented the 19th District in Congress since 2001. York area developer Robert Kinsley, Chariman of the Gettysburg Foundation Board of Directors and the developer who managed the vistor center project has reportedly funded Platts' past political campaigns. Federal investigators are probing Latschar's relationship with Kinsley."
The use of the word "reportedly" shows intentional innuendo of political ethics violations which simply do not exist. This fits entirely with the record of the Gettysburg Times in the last election campaign, where ten times the ink was given to Obama than to McCain, both nationally and locally. No bias there, of course. Of course not. Do ya think?

What a shame for the area to have a newspaper of this low quality. To have a newspaper that publishes all the negatives it can in an obvious effort to destroy people by innuendo rather than facts.

There is an investigation by the Office of Inspector General. Nothing has been released from the investigation. Apparently the Times knows more than the investigation as they have tried and convicted Dr. Latschar of all kinds of crimes. Now they have spread their innuendo to include both Bob Kinsley, and Congressman Todd Platts.

What they fail to grasp at whatever stands for leadership at the Times is they cannot continue to survive by publishing innuendo. We have predicted before that the life of the Times was limited. This might well be their death knell. If they are trying to portray the paper as a crusading journal they are failing miserably. If Pitzer sees himself as a crusading journalist, he is in way over his head.

At this point, the Gettysburg Times should change its name to the Gettysburg "Slimes".


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Anonymous said...

Wow Gettysblog, you have truly perfected the art of speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

Your unwarranted criticism of a local reporter is not only sad, but it's also pathetic, considering your history of praising that very same reporter right here on this blog!

A quick search revealed that you have described Mr. Pitzer as your "favorite reporter"

Also as a "stalwart" reporter.

So what's your problem? Todd Platt's remarks were the first he made publicly about the IG investigation. If anything, Mr. Pitzer's reporting was POSITIVE in the light that the local congressman does not see any validation to the rumors.

GettysBLOG said...

Apparently you have no understanding of sarcasm.

"favorite reporter" and "stalwart" reporter were both descriptors used as sarcasm.

Also apparently, you have no clue as to what a "reporter" and "editor" are supposed to print as "news". The use of the word "reportedly" means "no facts were checked and verified, but here is the rumor."

I pose to you that neither Pitzer, nor Small, are worthy of their titles as they often abrogate the rules of journalism.

That article was not news. It was not even opinion. It was gossip.

Buy your Gettysburg Slimes at the Supermarket checkout counter with the rest of the smear rags.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Fred Snyder at WGET. He's been reporting gossip for years. In his interviews, he is frequently offensive and abrasive. I'll never forget his program with Susan Starr Paddock years ago. Mr. Snyder was unprofessional with Mrs. Paddock.

GettysBLOG said...

We are seldom patrons of WGET. Perhaps to listen to the occasional Phillies game.

That said, we are not surprised to hear this about Mr. Snyder -- WGET is a part of the same ownership group as the Gettysburg Slimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, now we need a translator to interpret Gettysblog's sarcasm.

GettysBLOG said...

We would also remark that Mr. Snyder's show, if I am not mistaken, is not a "News" show. the "Breakfast Nook" is simply a morning talk show. He may read the news as part of a "news segment." That said, the interview with Susan Paddock, if indeed it was as bad as you say [I did not hear it, or see a transcript], is a blight on Snyder, the station, and ownership.

It should be obvious to all by now, based on the selective coverage of local township meetings by John Messeder, and other "reporters", and the pro-casino stance by the newspaper and the radio station, and the pro-development bias by the newspaper, that the ownership of the radio stations, and the newspaper, are very much anti-Gettysburg. They would love nothing better than to see the entire area paved over, and that includes the Battlefield -- especially the Battlefield.

GettysBLOG said...

No translator needed, just a modicum of education, specifically in reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Fred Snyder has been an arrogant know-it-all for 20 years, and has a reputation for flagrant and insulting questioning. Sadly its beginning to wear off on Scott Pitzer. They seem to think that they should be holding officials accountable for their actions, which I don’t mind, but not in the way they do it. Todd Platts had nothing to do with the IG investigation, but Snyder and Pitzer seem to think they’re uncovering a national scandal. Their biased reporting is laughable, with motorcycle noise and the casino, since they’re both friends with the LeVans. I will not be sad to see them go. If it wasn’t for Max Stevens and John Messeder, we wouldn’t have any good reporters in this area.

Anonymous said...

Plow the battlefield under and build a casino....

GettysBLOG said...

Why don't you go back to Borovent.

Anonymous said...

Disagree about any "innuendo" or "smear" in the article about Congressman Platts and the IG investigation.

It was the first positive article about the investigation that I've read. Platts was honest, and told Fred Snyder that from what he's seen and heard, the allegations about John Latschar are not true. Don't see how that is "smear" or innuendo.

As for Kinsley, it doesn't take a genius to get on the Internet to find a list of contributors to Todd Platts. It makes sense, since Platts represents York too, and Kinsley is based in York.

GettysBLOG said...

Word choice. Re-read the article. Platts was indeed honest, as, of course, he is. But there was no reson to make the inference that Kinsley's money influenced Platts take on the investigation. Reasonable people will see there has been nothing charged to Dr. Latschar. But the implication in the last paragraph was a smear aimed at Congressman Platts and Bob Kinsley.

Last I heard political contributions were public record. So why bring it up? Answer: to smear by innuendo.

Nobody blinked when LeVan's contributions to Rendell were made public? The times never dealt with that.

Just another example of selective editing of "news" stories. The "Slimes" was pro-casino. No mention of the LeVan-Rendell connection. The Slimes is anti_Latschar and anti-NPS, hence the article on the Platts "interview" so the "Slimes" can keep their innuendo and unproven allegations against Latschar in front of their remaining readers' eyes. It was probably out of frustration or anger that BJ Small and/or Pitzer constructed that last paragraph, probably because Platts had nothing negative to say to bolster their crusade.

A petty newspaper with a petty staff.



Anonymous said...

Found a link to this site on BoroughVent and was surprised at some of the posts.

So according to Gettysblog, its ok to report that Levan contributed to Rendell, but not ok to report that Kinsley contributed to Platts (which everyone in town knows anyway).

Leave the reporting to Fred Snyder and Scott Pitzer, and leave the blogging to...Gettysblog.

GettysBLOG said...

You've obviously spent too much time on Borovent. It has dulled your comprehension.

I wrote that the Gettysburg "Slimes" found it okay to comment on the Kinsley-Platts campaing contribution but not on the LeVan-Rendell contributions during the Casino fight.

Pitzer and Snyder do not "report", they spread rumors.

Really, you need to have Borovent surgically removed from your is affecting your thinking negatively.


GettysBLOG said...

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