Thursday, January 22, 2009

Local Connections with Principles and Promise

Edmund Burke wrote, “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” Fortunately, we in the Gettysburg, Adams Hanover area are represented by two men who are not known for doing nothing. These are two men of action, who are guided by their moral compasses and personal principles.

We recently had the opportunity to interact with our local State Representative, Dan Moul, and our Congressional Representative, Todd Platts.

We can say with complete candor that we are in good hands -- with both men.

Dan Moul is a good, devoted, solid family man, a hard worker who still includes his family in his life. His values are our values. He is a smart legislator, as well, having educated himself during his first term. A measure of the respect the local populace has for Mr. Moul can be seen in the fact that he had no opponent in the last election, his second term.

Todd Platts, is a man who respects those who serve, or served in the US Military. He has made several trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, visiting troops, and carrying messages back and forth between our troops and their families. And it doesn't always mean only the families of his constituents. A hard working family man also, Mr. Platts has done a wonderful job for us in Washington, even standing his ground on the rush to judgement concerning the enormous bailouts Congress is handing out with little or no accountability.

We are fortunate to have such good men representing us. We suspect they will move on up in a few years, but we believe they will always have our interests in mind.


A new conservative blog has appeared and we wanted to alert you to it. A New Republican is a consevative blog authored by two recent graduates of Gettysburg College. These are bright, bright eyed young people, who are a big part of how the Republican Party will adjust to the needs of the Country. They are both super-patriots, who are well grounded, and full of the promise of a life full of meaning. These two will go a long way, and will become very influential. We will hear from them along the way.

Pay a visit to the New Republican!


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