Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phony Support for Stadium?

Whatever we get to read in the Gettysburg Times, the letters being printed certainly do reflect the "will of the people", despite what Mr. Ford says. The stadium is an exorbitant expense that even in better economic times would qualify as a pipe dream. Further, the so called research company hired by the school district to gauge public support for the project needs to refund the money they sucked out of the school district [and the taxpayers!] with a report that claimed the public support was there in the community! Hello??!! Just how out of touch with reality do these yuppies need to be to make claims like that? The research firm gave them the report they obviously wanted to hear. We know of no one who was polled by anyone, not the school district, not the research firm.

Every one of the letters printed in the newspapers that were against the stadium project made extremely cogent and logical arguments against the project. We have yet to see any kind of argument in favor of it. Why not? Because no fool in their right mind wants to be seen favoring this white elephant.

These folks sold a bill of goods to the taxpayers to build the new school of that size in the first place, and now they want to sell a second snow job to the taxpayers? We will withhold comment on the physical location of their heads.

The time of the meeting is 7:30 PM tomorrow night -- tonight if you are reading this on Monday, December 15th. The location is the District Offices at 900 Biglerville Road.

We suggest you take signs if you wish, and let them know in no uncertain terms exactly how you feel about their profligate spending of your taxes.

We just read a letter that said there were certain courses where there were insufficient books to allow the students to take them home for study.

And your school board, well at least the "Gang of Five" and apparently Tom Ford, wants to spend probably in excess of $10 million [when all is said and done] on a football stadium. That means significant tax increases, that means a continued shortage of books.

We believe extra-curricular activities are extremely important to the education of our youth. But the term itself means "outside of the academic curriculum". The academic curriculum must come first, and if that means the football team continues to play in old Warrior Stadium for the next ten years, then so be it.

A foundation was formed as part of the original push for this project. They tried to raise $3 million and raised about 8% of that amount, and the school district has already spent more than was raised. So, if the vote fails tomorrow night and the project is turned down, no one will get their money back and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for the balance of the engineering and "public support study", and the Straban fees to get their approval for a project that HAS NEVER BEEN APPROVED BY THE TAXPAYERS!!

Frankly, this kind of incompetence calls for the resignations of the Gang of Five [Pat Symmes, Andi Hoffman, Sally Michael, Todd Orner, and Dale Biesecker], the board President, Tom Ford, and the Superintendant who has authorized the spending of money that was not appropriately allocated funding.

Finally, as of the time of posting of this, the results of the poll are as follows:

6 [20%] want the Stadium Project to proceed.
3 [10%] want a smaller project along the lines of current Warrior Stadium] built.
7 [24%] want Warrior Stadium expanded and modernized.
13 [44%] want nothing done right now. [status quo].

The top two choices are rounded up.

What that says is that 80% are against the $8 [10+???] million Stadium Project.

We suggest that the six who voted for the project are the Gang of Five, and School Board President Ford. We doubt they would admit that, though.

Say no to the Stadium!


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