Monday, December 15, 2008

Malarky and Doubletalk!!

Today's "editorial disguised as a news story" on the front page of the Gettysburg Times is about as one sided as you can get, and is full of disinformation and half-truths. In other words, malarky and doubletalk.

Question 1: Why is the source for the information unnamed?
Answer 1: Because the piece was written by Tom Ford, Director of Operations and part owner of the Times, and president of the Gettysburg Area School District.

Question 2: Why is there no byline?
Answer 2: Because it is not a news story, and as such is either an advertisement, or an editorial. Likely it should be classified as the latter as what it attempts to sell is a bag of hogwash.

Question 3: Is this a miserably inept attempt to sway public opinion by surreptitious means?
Answer 3: Absolutely! It should be identified as an editorial and the author and source should be identified.

Now to the facts. The main point is that the cost of renovating current Warrior Stadium is only 5% less than building a new facility at the High School.

Malarky and doubletalk. What the unnamed source is referring to is the construction of a facility similar to what is envisioned at the high school. Of course the cost would be similar as it is for the same or nearly the same design!

Starting a renovation project at the current stadium does not mean building a completely new facility. Starting with infrastructure might be a nice thing. Spend a year or two running new water and sewer and underground electric lines. Add additional sections to the stadium seating on both sides. Lighting does not need to be replaced, it can be augmented. And finally reserve the west parking area by the front of the middle school for handicapped parking, and make an accessible path to the stadium area. In fact, offer a ramp to end zone seating for handicapped and their parties.

There are plenty of enhancements that can be done for far less than $8-10 million, and the school board knows it!

Shame on the Gettysburg Times for such a shabby attempt to ram a very expensive and unnecessary project down the throats of the school district tax-payers. Not everybody in the school district drives an Audi, Mr. Ford.

Finally two letters in todays edition deserve some mention. One, a rather lengthy [what happened to the 400 word limit, Mr. Small?] piece making a vague case for the stadium. It ends with the suggestion that the project might even create jobs for the newly laid off Dal Tile workers? Sorry, we doubt there will be much tile work at a new stadium. Not without added expense, anyway.

The second letter makes the case against the stadium project quite well, and raises the question about how much support there really is for the project when the Foundation, which PROMISED to fund the whole project, can only raise $269,000!

After the claim that the study conducted by the Saida outfit that showed support for the project in the community, we again demand that they give back the money, since that is simply an outright lie, and that the Gang of Five and President Ford, resign from the School board tonight for simply misrepresenting themselves and their support as a mandate to force this project on the taxpayers, and that the Superintendant be fired for spending money that was not properly allocated for the project. Nothing, absolutely nothing should have been spent on anything before the taxpayers of the district had approved the project.

There is so much of a shady nature to this project that we cannot believe it was anything more than a conspiracy of arrogant fools. They need to pay the piper tonight. The foundation money that was raised, and that is the Gettysburg EDUCATION Foundation, should put whatever funds they raise into EDUCATION, and they can start by donating their money to purchase textbooks the school district needs!

Where was that issue in today's newspaper? Students cannot even take textbooks home to study as there are not enough to go around. Pitiful. But $8-10 million for an unnecessary stadium warrants all this effort.

The school board and its leadership have completely lost sight of what their responsibilities are. They need to resign, and tonight!


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