Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The "Gang of Five": Their Hands in Your Pockets

Once again the specter of an $8 million white elephant looms in the face of taxpayers from the Gettysburg Area School District. The actions of these five people: Pat Symmes, Andi Hoffman, Sally Michael, Todd Orner, and Dale Biesecker, "The Gang of Five", will be the cause of rising taxes going even higher. And if you believe the Superintendant's message that it will amount to a small increase, then we have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

There is no other explanation for this than a bunch of overblown yuppies that went and got themselves elected to the school board to build an overblown stadium for an overblown school at an overblown cost to taxpayers who already are overtaxed.

On top of that, they are reneging on a deal that was originally struck to build a stadium without cost to the taxpayers!

So, we're are not about to have an $8 million tax bill shoved down our throats, rather we are having it shoved up...well, "let's hear y'all make a sound like a hog, boy!"

We are in a bad economy.

There are other options.

There are better options.

We are taxed to the limit with more coming.

It is a bad idea.

It's designed on ground that is a wetland.

Take your pick of the above. Any or all are viable and real reasons NOT to go ahead with the stadium project.

In an unscientific poll conducted here earlier this year 95% of respondents voted not to build the $8 million dollar stadium. That 95% was split between 40% not wanting anything built and 45% wanting a much less costly renovation of current Warrior stadium. Either way the respondents voted overwhelmingly against the project.

We think the renovation and upgrade of current Warrior Stadium is the best solution. Indeed, we are not against an improved facility for the young men and women who participate in sports. We are big high school football fans, and have been for a long time. But reason dictates that a more sane solution is available, preferable, more logical, and far less costly. That is the reconstruction of facilities at the current Warrior Stadium. Improved grandstands with locker room facilities underneath each side, public rest rooms, and a permanent concession stand would cost far less, result in a greatly reduced tax burden [since "The Gang of Five" mentioned above has forced the cancellation of the original deal. It would also provide a much nicer facility at the location where Warrior Football has been played for decades. Parking could easily be increased next to the home stands.

Water and sewer are already there. And no wetlands would be threatened or damaged. The lights are already in place. All that is required is the construction of two sets of permanent stands with facilities underneath, connection of the water and sewer lines, add heating and air conditioning, and the concession building, and extend the stands on both sides closer to the goal lines. The track can be maintained.

Common sense needs to take hold on the School Board. No one can afford the additional tax burden, and it certainly is not ethical or moral to take on such a burden when families in the district are losing their homes because of the economy.

Quite simply, "The Gang of Five" can accomplish what they should accomplish for far less money. Improve the existing Warrior Stadium and stop this dishonest effort to gang-rape the taxpayer's pockets.

Taxpayers from the school district should shower the School Board with letters of outrage. "The Gang of Five" could easily have put a referendum on the ballot for the election just held a few weeks ago, but they did not, because the gutless "Gang of Five" knew it would fail.

Gettysburg Area School Board, 900 Biglerville Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Show up at the meeting on December 15th at the above address and bring coal for the Christmas stockings of the gutless "Gang of Five". Voice your displeasure at their "let them eat cake!" attitude toward taxpayers. Let them know you won't stand for their dishonest "game."


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Anonymous said...

"No taxdollars will be used for this stadium."

Sounds like another expensive project in the Gettysburg area.