Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome Gettysburg Beat!

A marvelous new website has appeared recently detailing the remarkable expansive restoration of the Gettysburg Battlefield by the National Park Service. As somewhat of an historian, we look on this restoration project with fondness and eagerness...we can't wait to see what places like Ziegler's Grove, Oak Hill, and all the many newly planted Orchards will look like in ten to fifteen years when the trees begin to mature.

We are already thrilled at the broad vistas that have been opened up by the staff at the Park, and have detailed here in the past about how these changes to the landscape have already changed the history of the battle in some significant ways, particularly the defense of Little Round Top by Strong Vincent's Vth Corps Brigade, and the attack by O'Neal's Brigade on Baxter's First Corps Brigade on the side of Oak Hill. Both need serious re-writing.

There are other areas that we have pointed out to the Park Rangers that they are investingating and researching. One Ranger, who moonlights as a college professor, taught us to always look and question "Why?" and "How?" So we do when we are on this remarkable piece of taxpayer owned real estate. We believe one of the areas we suggested for investigation could shed some light, ultimately, on why Lee and Longstreet were at odds most of the day on July 2nd.

The Battlefield is a remarkable place, a magnificent resource for families, and historians, and those who seek to ask "Why?" and "How?".

So, we welcome Gettysburg Beat, the new site devoted to the Park. We look on Gettysburg Beat as a welcome addition to educating a public about the changes manifesting at the Park, changes that really do make a difference, and changes that are setting a gold standard for historic battlefield preservation around the world.


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