Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artist Jeff Fioravanti Paints the Soul of America

We would like to welcome our dear friend Jeff Firovanti to the world of blogging. Jeff, a marvelous artist from New England has been "Painting the Soul of America for many years. We have some of his works and intend to have some more.

We profiled Jeff and his work a couple of years ago in our blog essay,
An Invitation to an Art Show. At that time, we had this to say about Jeff and his work:

Jeff Fioravanti is a New England (thus characterized so I do not have to constantly type Massachusetts!) artist who is making waves as an artist of great talent. He has done much of his work in a unique group of studies detailing Civil War battlefields…as they would look before the battle was fought. Battles change terrain. During the Civil War there were many instances where roads had to be cut through woodlots, trails marked through wetlands and swamps, earth moved to make ramparts and defensive works. At the Battle of Gettysburg, just about every fence rail for miles around disappeared to make defensive positions, or to fuel the thousands of cook-fires needed to feed nearly two hundred thousand men. Trees are felled to make defensive positions, and for more firewood. In some battles, artillery did enough damage to woodlots as to render them destroyed. Houses, cabins, sheds, and barns were burned.

Battles change terrain.

Jeff Firovanti has the knack of seeing the battlefields as they were, before the battles. In most cases, as the farmers had kept the land, and in other cases, how nature had done so. He captures these scenes from rare perspectives, and with muted, respectful tones. He uses a focus on his subjects that makes the land the object, not the buildings. And that is right as it is the land that has been so consecrated by the blood of those who fought there.

Jeff does not paint civil war scenes exclusively. He would not be a New England artist if he did not paint subjects dealing with the sea. In Jeff’s case, a series of small boats, dories as they are called, along the docks in the inlets and coves of New England are frequent subjects. But like the land in the battlefield studies, here the focus is intently on the boats, and it is left to the viewer to supply the contextual details about which he peripherally hints.

Visit the
Firovanti Fine Art website and view his work in the various galleries there. I think you will agree with me, that Jeff Firovanti is an amazing talent who has built a wonderful repertoire of American Landscapes and New England scenes. You can often view his works in the magazine American Artist, where they have been featured on several occasions.
Anyone who is familiar with Jeff's work will welcome his new outlet, a blog called "Painting the Soul of America". What else would you call it, it's what he does!

Do yourselves a favor and visit Jeff's
website to view his work, and then his blog to see the mind behind it.


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