Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hypocrisy in the Hanover Sun?

We get confused by the editorial whiplash provided by the Hanover Sun. One time they editorialize about much needed development, and the next they opine against it. One editorial recently took the Conewago Township Supervisory Board to task for not dealing with the proposed "McSherrystown Bypass" in their recent plans. Meanwhile, another issue contained the "Adams County Weekly" insert, which in turn extolled the beauty of Adams County's bucolic scenery.

Even back in the days of the proposed casino it was often hard to keep up with the changes in the editorial stance of the Sun. At first they seemed to readily and wholeheartedly oppose the plan, but toward the end of the fight they certainly came across as pro-development and found little negative and much positive to write about the potential casino in the Gettysburg area.

As much as the editors of the Sun would like it to be, you can not have it both ways. At some point you must take a stand.

Take Hanover itself, for example. Are any stores missing from Eisenhower Drive and the North Hanover Mall [excepting the delayed arrival of Boscov's]? Is there really a need for even more big box stores, and fast food or franchise restaurants? Yet, for some reason the Sun heaps praise on the proposed addition of still another super mall built by Bob Monahan, right beside the Eisenhower stretch.

The Sun has nothing negative to say about the run-away development occurring in western York County, and throughout all of Adams County.

Make no mistake about it, the editors of the Sun know full well that the proposed extension of Eisenhower Drive -- the "McSherrystown Bypass", will bring additional development alongside it, including malls [even more from Bob Monahan?], and tract housing.

The Sun's policy is simple. Deal with the positives of all projects individually. Downplay the negatives. Never take a stand about rampant development.

That's why the Adams County Weekly insert was such a surprise.

Again we ask, how much development is too much? Why don't the two local newspapers, the Gettysburg Times and the Hanover Sun do some reportorial research and answer that question?

But then, words and pictures are cheap.

It would be nice to see some guts in the local papers.


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