Thursday, November 01, 2007

GettysBLOG: The Cumberland Township Circus is back in town!

Tuesday night saw a meeting before the supervisors of Cumberland Township which was advertised as a time and place for the citizens of the township could voice their concerns about or approval of the proposed zoning change that would allow amusement parks in the township, removing a huge obstacle for Cali Entertainment in their third try to install a water park in Adams County.

Why are we even discussing this? There is no water for a water park in Adams County. Folks, we are in the midst of a severe drought, and it is predicted to last for a long time.

So why, in the name of God, are we talking about a Water Park?

Is there not one of those duplicitous clowns called supervisors with a lick of common sense?

To make matters worse, we have the Pro-Casino leftovers of the Goldens, Mr. and Mrs., proclaiming the economic boons [oh, puh-lease! Not again? Or rather not still?!!] of the Water Park! Complete with the “much needed jobs” and “economic boost”, Debbie Golden touted her position in favor of the project. She and apparently her husband Gene, were the only folks besides the Cumberland Clowns who were in favor of the project. The rest of the approximately 20-25 members of the public were against it.

Once again we get a public official from another township coming out against the project in its current location, but thinks Cumberland Township will make the best location for it. Perhaps he has in mind something beside Sachs Mill Bridge so they can suck the water out of the Gettysburg Municipal Authority reservoir there. We must make a profit [and pay the taxes the Goldens claim will be a huge boost to the Township!] at the expense of the public water customers of the mid-county area, including Gettysburg Borough. [Apparently Golden doesn’t think he needs water to run his business.]

If the public official from the other township, which turned down a bid for Cali to build in his township, thinks it is such a worthy project, then he needs to go back and convince his township to put the project there. And he is welcome to it. Just don’t try to take people’s water for this project!

The Goldens, meanwhile, seem consumed by their defeat in the fight for the Casino project, which they very ardently and strenuously backed. Now they have seized upon a new version of the Disneyfication of Adams County, an indoor Water/Amusement Park, along with a large hotel, and other businesses proposed for the area near Boyds Bear Country. What is it about Eden that causes people to go to any lengths to change it?

Adams County is not in need of an economic boost. Neither is Cumberland Township – a township that feels economically strong enough to borrow a million dollars to finance an enormous expansion project to the township facilities, even though they never asked the voters if they should.

These clowns, and their backers like the Goldens are the death of the Gettysburg area. They care nothing for the environment, nothing for the industries that have created one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, a higher than average median income, and a lower than average local tax rate. Why in the world would anyone claim the area needed jobs and an economic boost? Yet the clowns in the Cumberland Township building pander to the developers that will double the county’s population in five years -- far, far faster than the local governments can keep up with increasing infrastructure needs, and far, far too many people for the meager resources of the county’s water supply to provide for that many people.

Should you elect George Weikert to a County Commissioner’s post, and re-elect Glenn Snyder, you can kiss the area good-bye. For that reason, we are backing Moreno and Qually for two of the three seats. We hope that some sense can come to the county if Weikert and or Snyder are no longer in office. Frankly, we’d prefer to see George Weikert turned down. After his performance in Cumberland Township as a lead clown, he’d be a disaster for the county as a commissioner.


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Anonymous said...

I also was at the Cumberland Township meeting and felt sick to my stomach when I left. If these supervisors amend their zoning like it was presented they will be opening Cumberland Township up to a Pandoras box of amusement parks, traffic, drain on water, noise and more.