Monday, November 05, 2007

Before you vote, GettysBLOG!

Election time is back. Here are our selected recommendations:

For Adams County Commissioner, vote only for Qually and Moreno. You do not have to vote for 3! Send a message by refusing to vote for the “Old Boys Network” which includes Weikert and Snyder!

Vote Qually and Moreno for Commissioner!

For Straban Township, is there any question here? Throw out that bum McDannell, who has the cojones to brag in his ads that he got the new zoning package passed!! Yes, HE DID, and it will see 70% or more of Straban Township paved over and developed! Get that man out of there! He is the man who brought you the Casino project, tried to pull a fast one several years ago in a land swap deal with Walmart involving land that the township acquired from the Federal Government and was not permitted to part with, and that deal still remains very questionable. McDannell has been trying to ruin Straban Township and the Gettysburg area for a long time!

Vote for Sharon Hamm!

For Gettysburg School Board, never vote for a politician who has 29 years on the job. Dump Biesecker! $3 million for a HS Football Stadium is simply ludicrous. Hell, they built an enormous palace of a school and cannot fill it -- a brand new building that needed the roof replaced? Do not reward wasted tax dollars!! Dump Biesecker!

Why do we have a HACC campus here just about a mile from the Gettysburg High School, where some HACC classes are taught, and the school district does not support HACC financially, forcing local students to pay full tuition? What is wrong with this picture? $3 million for a stadium, but not one penny to further the education of students in the district beyond high school? Dump Biesecker!

On another note, our old friend Steve Maitland has now hung out his tax-payer funded shingle. He still owes the taxpayers of the Commonwealth an awful lot of money that he took unethically and, unconstitutionally. But most of all, remember that you told him unequivocally how you felt about his atrocious actions.

Keep that in mind when the next election round gets here and the Clowns of Cumberland Township are up for re-election. It will be time to clean house and stop the wretched excess practiced by these clowns and their profligate spending. They are spending not only your money, but your water.

Water will become an election issue very soon. There are those who believe the answer to the limited water resources of Adams County lies in a pipeline from the Susquehanna River.

Who will pay for it? If you allow the rampant development of the county to continue, you will certainly pay for it, and for a very long time – perhaps forever.

Keep that in mind as you elect supervisors to your township boards. Will they protect your water resources, or force you to pay for water from the Susquehanna River to be pumped across two counties to supply water to the overdeveloped Adams County?

You need to start making this decision now.

While you are at it, take a ride down US 15 to Frederick. It’s a beautiful ride. Most of the area is gorgeous, with very large farms as far as the eye can see on both sides, and some state park thrown in as well.

So why is Adams County being targeted for development as a bedroom community for the folks from Baltimore and Washington D.C.? Anywhere along that stretch has those people closer to their jobs by 30-60 minutes.

Something does not smell right about this. There is an obvious stink bomb somewhere in this mess.

This is a very serious question that you must seek an answer for very soon.

Meanwhile, to recap:

Vote for Sharon Hamm for Straban Township Supervisor!

Vote for Qually and Moreno for Adams County Commissioners!

Vote out Biesecker from the Gettysburg School Board!


We support the Roadmap to Reform!

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!" -- GettysBLOG

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.” -- GettysBLOG

Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!

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