Thursday, September 13, 2007

GettysBLOG: Cumberland Clowns in Panic Mode

Well, the Clowns who are running Cumberland Township approved a loan for $1 million dollars to expand their own facilities because they claim they have run out of space.

In the write-up in today’s Gettysburg Times, by our favorite reporter, Scott Pitzer, the Clowns went out of their way to indicate this deal was being done under a category called “non-electoral debt”. That’s a fancy way to say they can borrow huge amounts without asking the taxpayers for permission via the ballot box.

Obviously, some of you, enough of you, are starting to get through to these Clowns that you are not happy with what they are doing.

They are going to incur a debt that will total close to, if not more than, $1 million over the next seven years while they rebuild the township facilities so they have the room to allow developers to file the paperwork for paving over the township.

What irks us is this:

---No one but the Clowns claims they need more space. We offered several suggestions at making better use of the space they have by eliminating the township manager’s job, and reducing the number of Supervisors [Clowns] to three from five. This then frees up half the required office space in the building, and several parking spots in the lot.

---No one was consulted about this project. Indeed, no one knows anything about this project except the Clowns and the developers and contractors that will get the contracts [even though bids have not even gone out yet.]

---No one has seen the financial bids.

---Has anyone seen an announcement of a meeting to discuss the passage of an ordinance allowing this non-electoral debt?

---Where is The Plan? The Clowns are trying to put you into debt while claiming they don’t even have a complete idea of what the project will entail? What they’ve release3d so far has been piecemeal, and misleading. They are being very deceitful in what they let out to the public!

---Where are the studies on traffic, environment, finances?

---Why was no public input sought on The Plan? On the financing? On non-electoral debt?

Is there any doubt that the Clowns are taking the citizens of Cumberland Township for a ride? You are getting the shaft from these clowns, folks! Royally!

A half dozen good citizens and true could spend an hour in that building and come up with a dozen ways to totally avoid this unnecessary, extravagant and capricious project and even more ways to save enough money to cut your taxes in half.

This is not their money they are spending, it is yours.

And they are doing so without so much as a “by your leave!”

What are you going to do about it Cumberland Township Citizens?

Will you show up at the September 25th Supervisors meeting and express your displeasure?


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