Wednesday, August 29, 2007

GettysBLOG: Odds ‘n Ends for August

Casino Corruption?
It seems that only the Allentown Morning Call, and Harrisburg Online are the only news/information sites paying any attention at all to the Grand Jury investigation underway into the alleged mob connections to Louis DeNaples, the apparent owner and developer of the Mt. Airy Lodge Casino. Thomas Marino, the Middle District of Pennsylvania’s US Attorney recused himself from any connection to the investigation as he is listed as a reference on DeNaples application. There are inklings that Marino will step down as US Attorney but hold your bets on that for now. The FBI and state law enforcement personnel are investigating. Stay tuned on this one folks. We would remind you of a previous post over a year ago that forewarned of this issue with DeNaples. For a retrospective, take a look at our post,
“Remembering Don Michael Corleone!” from back in early 2006 before the licenses were granted.

Circus Circus at Cumberland Township!
A semi-secret meeting [only selected press were invited!] two weeks ago left the Clowns running Cumberland Township thinking they had finally evaded a stinking issue that would have made them look even worse than they already do. The folks from Cali Enterprises of Cumberland County decided to withdraw their request for a curative amendment to allow a water park in Cumberland Township. With the Supervisors all sighing with relief, Cali explained it would only build a mammoth water park indoors, thus avoiding an issue involving water disposal! Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it?

Hardly. Even though the Circus show at the latest Supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday night past made the withdrawal official, it still doesn’t answer a number of questions like:
  • Where is the Environmental Impact Study for this project?
  • Where is this project going to find a water supply that does not endanger the water rights of others?
  • If there is an issue with water disposal for an outdoor water park, why isn’t there one for an indoor water park?

We still would like to know how Cali is going to cram all those buildings – a huge indoor water park, a 400 room hotel, retail shops, and an outdoor botanical garden, plus parking for all of these venues, on 100 acres in the Marsh Creek watershed along Emmitsburg Road not far from Boyds Bears and the Eisenhower Resort.

Frankly, there are two killer issues here: water in and water out. Water out encompasses run-off. Where’s it going to go? Where else? Marsh Creek!

So, again, we want to know where the Environmental Impact Study on this project is? Why has it not been made public, who wrote it, based on what investigative studies, and who paid for it?

This project stinks. It stinks to high heaven. So do the actions of the Clowns that call themselves the Cumberland Township Supervisors. They will attempt to approve this project after it was already rejected by two other townships in Adams County. They have recently approved the demolition of the hotel on Baltimore Street between the Pike Restaurant and the Evergreen Cemetery and its replacement which is scheduled to go to four stories in height. Obviously the Clowns have a short memory. How long ago did the Park Service exercise Eminent Domain and take the National Tower from its owner, and then demolish it? We are talking about a four story hotel yards from the old tower site. The National Tower was obtrusive, as was the music that blared from it as much as 14 hours a day, washing over the graves in two cemeteries. It offered a helluva view, but intruded on what the Park Service calls its historic viewsheds. What makes the Cumberland Clowns think the Park won’t take a similar dim view of a four story hotel nearby?

See what we mean? These folks got themselves elected so they could assist developers any way they could to pave over the township. It is the same in Straban, and apparently in Butler Township as well. Mt. Joy Township is right up there, as is Freedom. [Why in the world would Butler Township authorize a housing development to hold a larger population than Biglerville, and which offers no plan to carry off the sewage the new residents will generate? Where is their water coming from?]

People! Pay Attention! You are letting your county slip away! And while the housing market is a bust, the developers will build commerce parks and malls.

Only responsible candidates, who will be answerable to the voters are acceptable. Get the Clowns and the Strabaddies out of office. Send them back to their day jobs where they can’t do any more damage! Unload the Jay McDannells, and the Weikerts, the Shealers, the Gregors, the Underwoods, and the Waybrights – send them all home! They operate in secret, they answer to no one except the developers, and are accountable to no one. They are in office solely for the benefit of the developers: the Monahans, the Sites’, the LeVans, and people like Cali who want to exploit Adams County because it gets plenty of tourists and the taxes are low. That’s why they won’t build in Cumberland County where they are based.

Wake up Cumberland Township residents! Time to take back your township before it is all gone.

Start with this: Where are the plans for the Township’s expansion project? Who approved the plan? Were any township residents consulted? Where is the environmental impact study for the expansion project? Who did the study? What impact does the project have on Willoughby Run?

LeVan is About to Announce A Big Project!
Just before LeVan surfaces to announce, or leak, that he is involved in a big project there is a flurry of publicity designed to show off his philanthropy. Recently, we’ve had photo ops of LeVan and his wife presenting a motorcycle to the Sheriff’s Department, the LeVans donating a car to the Borough Police, and the grand announcement of the couple named to receive an award for their patronage of the arts, notably the Jennifer and David LeVan Performing Arts Center at the Majestic Theater [isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?]. So expect LeVan to soon leak or announce a new project, and it will likely be an unpopular one since he’s being so publicly philanthropic of late.

Could it be a motocross track at the site of the proposed casino? Nah, that wouldn’t qualify him for a casino license. Would it?

We wonder what award they will give LeVan for bringing 20,000 plus motorcycles to Gettysburg during a weekend in the first half of July? How about the “Golden Hearing Aid Award??”


We support the Roadmap to Reform!

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