Friday, July 13, 2007

GettysBLOG: “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more”

[This post was written to the rumble of hundreds of bikes, here in Gettysburg for Bike Week, roaring past the premises.]
Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!
--King Henry V, to his compatriots
at siege of the town of Harfleur,
France, shortly before the
Battle of Agincourt,
--William Shakespeare, in his play Henry V
Some people never learn.

Back on February 1, in our post GettysBLOG: How Gettysburg Escaped the Casino, we posted direct quotes from the report of the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board validating their rejection of the proposed casino for Gettysburg. Among the direct quotes from the report:
...With respect to the Crossroads project, Crossroads presented substantial testimony that it will rely in large part on the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas for its patronage and that 60% to 65% of its revenues would originate from outside the Commonwealth. The Gettysburg area itself is primarily a rural area without large population centers nearby to sustain the casino, thus the emphasis on the market to the South. In theory, this strategy is appealing. However, during the licensing hearings, Gettysburg presented testimony that it was “virtually the same drive time away” from the Baltimore/Washington D.C. market as Charlestown slots in West Virginia and that Charlestown had a casino win of $437 million in the fiscal year ending January 30, 2006. While that number is significant, the Board was not presented with any credible evidence to demonstrate how much of that Charlestown business could be expected to leave thatfacility and travel north to Gettysburg.

Further, the Board received testimony concerning the possibility of slot machines being introduced in Maryland and the impact that would have on the Gettysburg property. Gettysburg proponents testified that that they do not believe gaming legislation will be passed in Maryland in the “near future” but that even if it did, “we estimate that the revenue impact on Crossroads will be between 15 and 20 percent leaving Crossroads a substantial cushion above its break-even revenue level.” See Hearing transcript at p. 62. While the Board certainly is comforted by the testimony that Crossroads would have a cushion above its break-even revenue level, since the Board has a strong interest in “protecting its product” by assuring that the chosen casinos stay in business, a twenty percent decline in revenues would place the revenue generation estimates in the $216 million to $231 million range depending on whether the Task Force or Crossroads revenue estimates are utilized. This scenario would place Crossroads at the bottom of the revenue generation models, a position any applicant should desire to avoid in a competitive licensing situation as is present here...

...However, in the comparative setting to which these licenses are subject, the Board finds that the economic benefit of Crossroads and Tropicana, given the smaller economic commitments, likely will not be as significant as the benefits which will occur by virtue of the larger commitments and the spin-offbusiness associated therewith of the Mount Airy, Sands Bethworks and Pocono Manor projects. This again is a factor which the Board weighs in favor of those applicants...
Now we find that the man who came up with the incredibly stupid idea to build a casino within a mile of the section of the Gettysburg Battlefield known as East Cavalry Field [where Custer and Wade Hampton slugged it out in a bloody fight on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg], is at it again with an even more stupid proposal.

Ignoring the wisdom in the quoted sections above, David LeVan [reportedly] is determined to sink his hooks into Adams County and inflict gambling on the residents here whether they want it or not. In a somewhat confusing report in this evening’s Hanover Evening Sun, LeVan [reportedly] is behind an effort to construct a sulky racing track and an accompanying casino in the Littlestown area [or somewhere between Littlestown and the Hanover Shoe Farms along Route 97 in Germany Township. According to the Sun, which passed along a report from Pittsburgh TV station KDKA, “…at least three other parties from outside the Pittsburgh Region are interested in applying for the harness licenses, ‘including the group that wanted to put a slots casino in Gettysburg.’”
The Commonwealth still has two “resort” casino licenses to give, and one license for a slots parlor at a harness racing track [if the state courts don’t restrict that license to one of two contenders from western Pennsylvania [Beaver and Lawrence Counties] that have been previously rejected.]

What LeVan and his band of merry gamblers from outside the county have a hard time understanding is the very reasoned stance taken by the Gambling Control Commission in dealing with their first application: gambling in West Virginia, which already exists, and the likelihood that gambling will soon be enabled in Maryland simply does not provide enough of a market to support a casino here in Adams County.

Nevertheless, if LeVan and the Crossroads folks stay true to form, they’ll parrot their previous claims of an economic bonanza for the county if they can only build their casino at the harness racing track. “Much needed jobs”, “financial incentives for local government”, “a huge and much needed boost to the local economy,” are what they claimed for the proposed casino at US 15 and US 30 that was finally rejected in December of 2006.

And when they parrot those same claims they will be repeating their lies from last year. We have demonstrated repeatedly here that the Adams County economy is NOT in need of such a boost, is NOT in need of more jobs, and while local governments continually cry poormouth, and beg for all the revenue they can get, they simply do not need it…that money is available from existing sources they could tap.

We can hardly wait for Mrs. Malaprop, Crossroads investor Barbara Ernico, wife of Crossroads attorney Jeff Ernico [isn’t that nepotism?], to appear in the Gettysburg Times and the Hanover Evening or Sunday Sun again. She was quite entertaining in a Marie Antoinette sort of fashion with her “let them eat cake” attitude while pushing a project that had a better chance in her own Cumberland County, as does this one.

We warned you after the Crossroads project was rejected that David LeVan was not done. He will inflict himself on the residents of this county in any way he can, ingratiating himself to law enforcement by donating motorcycles and money for a canine unit to the Adams County Sheriff’s office, and to local businesses who will generate huge boosts to their profits this weekend when 25,000 bikers invade the Gettysburg area for “Bike Week”, an event that exists primarily to fill the coffers of one David LeVan through his Battlefield Harley Davidson dealership. And those merchants will reap those profits this weekend at the cost of a high level of distress among the local populace who must contend with 20 hours each day of groups of bikers roaring up and down the streets of the town, and the usually quiet lanes of the surrounding countryside. They started Thursday night.

But make no mistake about it, there is one person who will benefit the greatest from Bike Week, and that is David LeVan, by a wide margin over everyone else. [see, I told you we don’t need economic help in this region!].

It is time for David LeVan to stop his attempt to buy Adams County. He has neither the money to do it, nor the talent. He is now spreading his wealth eastwards, toward York County. If only he and his out of county investors would just pick up and move there.

Like the Adams County Economic Development Corporation, the Adams County Commissioners, the supervisors in several townships , such as Cumberland and Straban, and real estate developers like “Illegal” Bob Monahan, and David Sites, our own David LeVan is part of an evil conspiracy to rob Adams County of its identity and its heritage. Unless and until they are stopped, such projects as this one, and the earlier casino project, a possible casino at the Eisenhower Inn [oh yes, someone wants to buy the Eisenhower Inn and turn it into a casino using one of the resort licenses still up for grabs!], and the absolutely stupid, and incredibly environmentally disastrous water park in the same area, not to mention the TWO rodeo centers north of town along US 15, and even worse, the 20,000 plus houses supposedly to be built in the next five years will blossom all over the county, changing us from Adams County to Adams City, making us part of the megalopolis stretching from Washington to Boston, and now spreading inland. Throw away the bulk of early American history, folks, it will no longer have a home.

The folks and organizations named above are the principles in this loose conspiracy of greedy dunces. They are participating in the land-rape of Adams County. Stop them!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.
--Henry V, at the Battle of Agincourt,
October 25, 1415 [St. Crispin’s Day]
--William Shakespeare, in his play Henry V

We support the Roadmap to Reform!

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!" -- GettysBLOG

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.” -- GettysBLOG

Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!

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Tourist said...

To the good people of Adams County: I'm a tourist. Further, I'm a repeat tourist. Further, my interest is the Civil War. I live about 3-1/2 hours from Gettysburg, yet I visit between 4 and 6 times per year. This is down from a high of 10 to 12 times just a half dozen years ago. I have been visiting since the 1963 Centennial Celebration. I spend roughly $300 to $500 each time I'm in town.

You guys have a local political problem that threatens to "bite the hand that feeds you". This is greater than opportunists like David Levan. You have dollar parasites such as the Monahans that have been breeding the existing circumstances for years.

The town has forgotten the reason for its existence and is drinking the kool-aid of the parasites. You locals must act to decide what and where you want as far as growth and development goes.

I'm deeply saddened by what the town is becoming, however I'll always have my memories of what it was. I don't need to travel 3-1/2 hours to fight traffic and the roar of motorcyles. But you guys got to realize the cows are almost out of the barn and without a fence. You must rein in the borough coucil, the township supervisors and the county pols.

Many of us helped with the No Casino fight and many of us will help again. BUT you locals will decide the fight.

GettysBLOG said...

Amen! Thank you tourist. You are 100% correct. David LeVan is just the latest in a progresswion of "developers" that seek to pave over Adams County.

That is exactly as you describe it, "the cows are almost out of the barn and without a fence. You must rein in the borough coucil, the township supervisors and the county pols."


Anonymous said...

Okay, we get it. You have a huge hard on for LeVan. If you want to get more than three readers a month you need to change your tune. Why not truth up a little and grow a set? If you want to talk about other people how about letting them know who's doing the talking? Quit hiding behind your "Blog" and come out into the light.

Your precious plot of "Hallowed Ground" is being sold for retail now yet I don't see you ranting about that. I guess it's only "Hallowed" when a hotel casino is planned.

GettysBLOG said...

Why in the world would I make myself a target for folks like you?

First off, you are clueless about me, and my motives. Most readers are not. Secondly, it isn't MY plot of Hallowed Ground, it's everyone's. Finally, David LeVan sets himself up for criticism like this by his own actions, his own choices.

As for whom I am sexually aroused, that is no one's public business.

I detest what David LeVan does to this county, and the obsequiousness he curries by spreading his cash around.

I published your comment this time only because my readers need to see what LeVan's defenders are like. Crude, and rude comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think it's acceptable for BoroughVent to send it's hordes of HOGS to the home of SSP(as referred to by the BoroughVent elite), to bash her every chance they get, BUT get rabid when anyone dares challenge their Sugar Daddy (ies), the LeVans?

GettysBLOG said...

I do not. Frankly, I believe it is despicable. That they openly brag about it makes it even worse.

As for the hypocrisy, that apparently comes with the territory.

Whenever they were challenged with hard facts and statistics during the casino fight, they would turn to the personal attack, and claim we were "unfair".

This is why I warn folks: never wrestle with pigs, you get filthy dirty and the pigs enjoy it too much.