Friday, July 27, 2007

GettysBLOG: Odds 'n Ends

Just a few comments on a few subjects to finish off the week.

Don't ya just love the way these clowns think?
Cumberland Township's Manager reported on their new impound lot and that they had worked a deal with the DA's office to erect a fence around the new impound lot in exchange for storing some cars there for the DA's office. But the real kicker came afterward when the Township manager essentially called the lot, now in a new location where they had to clear several acres of trees and haul in dirt to level the area, an eyesore, and that the township would probably need to plant trees to mask the view.

Hello? Anyone home there? We're astonished that the thought of using trees occurred to anyone in the hierarchy of Cumberland Township, since they have obviously all contracted Asphalt Fever from their counterparts in the Borough and out in Straban Township. So, to recap, Cumberland Township scrapes trees out of existence to create an eyesore and now wants to plant trees around the eyesore to cover it up. Go figure. Oh, and just when are they going to release full details of their "Plan", including an environmental impact study.

Now you know why you got that 100% tax hike last year.

More McSherrystown Madness!
Poor McSherrystown. They cannot determine just what kind of town they are. Their Mayor wants [somewhat desperately] to have neighboring Conewago Township construct an extension of Eisenhower Boulevard that McSherrystown [apparently] would then add onto in order to create a by-pass around McSherrystown. Hmmm, and what of Brushtown, will they then extend this "By-Pass" around themselves so we have an expressway to nowhere heading toward Gettysburg? Will it by-pass Bonneauville, too?

Remember the adage from Field of Dreams? "If you build it they wil come". In this case, it won't be classic early 20th century ball players who walk out of the corn to play ball, it will be large yellow bulldozers scraping those cornfields off in all directions so Bob Monahan can build a twelve mile long super mall along the McSherrystown Bypass.

Even worse, all those main drag merchants in McSherrystown will close their shops for the last time pretty quickly once the traffic stops flowing on Route 116.

Hmmm, that didn't take long, did it?
This was posted on Harrisburg Online this morning:
"A Dauphin County Grand Jury is reported to be investigating rumored ties between of Mount Airy Lodge owner - Louis DeNaples - and William D'Elia - the alleged leader of the Bufalino organized crime organization operating out of northeastern Pennsylvania...D'Elia appeared before the Grand Jury on Wednesday in Harrisburg...D'Elia is currently in prison awaiting federal charges of solicitation of murder and laundering drug money...DeNaples - who just received a State slots license for the Mount Airy Lodge - was interviewed by the State Gaming Commission as part of the licensing procedure...he has denied any contact with organized crime...State Gaming Commission officials were also subpoenaed by the Grand Jury..."

Weren't they supposed to sniff this out in the licensing process? Would it be reasonable to expect indictments for some of the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board? Wow, could that lead directly back to new indictments for "Prince Vince" Fumo? After all, he is the father of gambling here in Pennsylvania, or rather the co-father, along with "Fast Eddie" Rendell. Could Fast Eddie be in line for an indictment?

Pardon the analogy, but those two hucksters are slicker than snot on a doorknob. Speaking of hucksters, we remind everyone that our own David "You need this project" LeVan just fell short in his SECOND attempt to get in on the gambling action. He is buddies with Fast Eddie.

Guilt by association.

Well, that's all for now. Tune in again soon for more madness, mayhem, and monkeyshines from our local government and community leaders. Ah, the surprises they have in store for you.

Honest folks, we're not making any of this up.


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