Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GettysBLOG: The Casino Fight - Round Two!

This really is most astonishing folks. The Crossroads Casino was killed because of a popular movement against it that was passionate to epic proportions, but more solidly, it was denied because the financial forecast did not ring true. With the likely addition of table games in Charlestown, and the advent of gambling in Maryland, and yes, Frederick is targeted to get a casino, and perhaps Westminster, also, then a facility in Adams County was not a viable option, there being insufficient guaranteed market for it. Seriously, with US 70 and US 270, and US 40 and US 340, being pretty much direct routes to Frederick, and Charlestown, why in the world would someone risk a further 45-60 minutes up US 15 to get to a turnoff to drive another 5 miles on back roads to get to a new sulky track and casino in …Littlestown?!?!?!? Come on!

But recently, two local forums have heated up.
BoroughVent, apparently started by Gettysburg’s own Sign-Man, Gene Golden, who obviously has it in for the Borough, the Borough Council, the now-retired Walter Powell, and of course, the National Park Service, along with every single person who went against the Casino project, is loaded with diatribes and ad hominem attacks against all thing and all people that are lumped together as NCGs, No Casino Gettysburg types. Susan Star Paddock, who dissolved her organization late last winter shortly after the Casino was rejected, is singled out for quite a bit of abuse. We are proud of the fact that the “Pros,” or Pro Casino folks, flail away at GettysBLOG, never attacking any facts we present, but castigating us for remaining anonymous…the whole time they are posting under pseudonyms themselves.

It is truly hilarious to see the Pros milling about mired in their own hypocrisy. They ignore the fact that the casino was rejected because it was a bad location for the business [as would be Littlestown – really boys, connect some dots!], and that the few jobs Monahan has brought to his Commerce Park, where he still illegally displays the Great Seal of the United States for commercial purposes [and as a former member of the United States Department of State MONAHAN KNOWS BETTER!], have gone unfilled in large part because the Gettysburg area HAS ULTRA LOW UNEMPLOYMENT! Indeed, two restaurants were to open in his commerce park and at least one was delayed because they could not fill their positions! They finally opened for dinner only!

Folks, we’ve been hammering away at this point for over two years now. We started this blog after Straban Township did their rezoning that will eliminate 11,000 acres of open green space in their township, destroying the great agricultural base in Straban Township. Shortly after that, the first project that was announced was the Casino project, and we jumped on that because it was the first step in the paving of Straban Township. Very quickly we added the insult to the historical heritage of the area for crass commercialism as one of its negatives. LeVan’s lies about how badly the area needs an economic boost were not believed by the State Gambling Control Commission. How long before we hear them again, this time about Littlestown?

The same situation exists today that existed last December when the Gambling Board said no to a casino in Adams County.

Not content to follow Gene Golden’s crusade against the Borough of Gettysburg, the National Park Service, the now defunct No Casino Gettysburg organization, and everyone else who disagrees with him, Golden’s Gang has spread their hypocrisy to the forum of the
Hanover Evening Sun. We are not sure Susan Star Paddock even posts on either of those forums, and I know we do not, yet they take every opportunity to trash her, and us, and anyone else who does not agree with them. One of Golden’s Gang is Herb Riede, the unubiquitous Mayor of McSherrystown. Hizzonor, for example, is upset with the township that surrounds the town, and parts of Hanover as well, because they won’t fund a bypass around McSherrystown. Indeed, why should they? Their township is in large part a diminishing rural one, with spreading housing tracts like Straban will become. In fact, such a highway would serve to feed the paving machine of Bob Monahan who is already building a mall beside a mall in Hanover. Put a bypass around McSherrystown and you will get a mall along each side of it. Herb knows this, which is why he wants the bypass. Even Riede is getting into the track/casino fight...again.

Here is a comment of his from the Evening Sun forum:

Losing the Crossroads project was an example of the simple-mindedness and weak will of the gaming board members, having succumbed to rhetoric over reason as opposed to the facts on the table.

Well Mr. Mayor, it really wasn’t the rhetoric that sank your project…it was the facts. As we have posted on numerous occasions, those facts that Golden’s Gang, and Hizzonor keep ignoring are facts that not only do not support their positions, but support those who are against their positions, and show the blatant deceptive intent of the developers like Monahan and LeVan.

We are positive that this post will inflame the Pros, causing them to start new threads about us on both forums. It won’t be pretty.

We’ll give them three tips: We have very good reason to remain anonymous; we do not teach at Gettysburg College; and we will never post to those forums. The reason we won’t post to the forums is simple. One should never wrestle with pigs; you get very dirty and the pigs enjoy it too much.


We support the Roadmap to Reform!

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!" -- GettysBLOG

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.” -- GettysBLOG

Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!

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Dani said...

Well said, GettysBlog!

BoroughBASH.com is one of the most unproductive, offensive sites I've ever seen.

These pro casino folks offer up nothing but rotten grapes because the casino was shot down and not one of them will let it go.

It's actually really sad that 7 months later, this community has not been allowed to heal and it is hateful rhetoric, the kind on BoroughVENT.com, that will keep the wounds wide open.

PbadgerB said...

So, I will be a pro-casino voice on here, and a borough venter. pbadgerb is my name.

Besides saving the "hallowed ground" what has the NCG movement accomplished. This area is suffering. Tourism is down! I never thought that a casino was the answer, but it was a viable solution to the drop in tourism numbers. I always like to see the other side, so now that it is 7 months later, what does everyone propose to keep this area economically viable?

GettysBLOG said...

Please see the blog entry at:


I have addressed your comments there. Thanks for posting them here.