Tuesday, June 05, 2007

GettysBLOG: Adams County’s Two Ring Circus

Step right up! Step right up! Come see the amazing performance of our Adams County Two-Ring Circus. Two great shows at one time. In the first ring, The Cumberland Township Supervisors, complete with peanut shells on the floor, egg on their faces, and a “What Me Worry?” flag outside their office. In the second ring, the Strabaddies gone-abegging; see three supervisors with their hands out trying to recoup legal costs incurred during the casino fight. Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen. Step right up! Watch out there miss, don't step in that elephant dung!

On Fairfield Road, the Cumberland Clowns decided to do a “feasibility study” on the proposed Water Park project.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Where! Where who? Where you gonna find the water?

You’re right: as a joke it is not funny. As a real question funny is the last thing that comes to mind. It is a deadly serious issue. Not only are the lives of the wildlife in the Marsh Creek Watershed going to be affected adversely, but so are the farm and domestic animals in the area, and even more importantly, the residents of the area. The potential is there to seriously impact the greater Gettysburg area’s water supply!

When are the Cumberland Clowns going to come clean on this water issue and provide an Environmental Impact Study? Here is a project rejected already in two other townships, and Cumberland is seriously considering a “curative amendment" to their zoning ordinances inserting “water park” under acceptable uses. An EIS would destroy any notion of such a water resource hog as the Cali Entertainment Water Park Project.

Cumberland Township residents are not alone in this fight. The whole area supplied by Gettysburg Municipal Water Authority should show up at the Cumberland Township supervisors and planners meetings, armed with torches, pitchforks, and signs demanding the Clowns get tough on developers, especially, out of town developers. If Cali’s idea is such a good one, why aren’t they building a water park in Cumberland County? The Cumberland Clowns are creating a monster here. And the Cumberland Township taxpayers are footing the bill!

Across town, the Strabaddies are seeking to recoup some $10,000 in mostly legal expenses incurred during the 2005-2006 fight over the proposed Crossroads casino project. Now, in the first place, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Strabaddies brought this on themselves when they passed that absurd rezoning plan for the township – you know the one, where 80% of the township’s green space got erased and made available for development. So, to the taxpayers of Straban Township, you ought to be asking Glenn Snyder, Jay McDannell, and the rest of the Strabaddies to make restitution for the costs, and any future costs since it was under their negligent oversight, and active advocacy, that the zoning plan was adopted.

Or, you could ask David LeVan and his cohorts, especially Mrs. Malaprop [Barbara Ernico] to foot the whole bill for trying to ram a stupid idea down the throats of not just the local folks here, but the whole world, who reacted in stupefied and outraged amazement when the plan was announced.

Of course, this fellow Bernard Yanetti, an attorney [that’s the first warning sign of stupidity], has to go and open up old wounds with the stupid comment of the year winner: "Without their opposition, the costs would have been at a minimum.”

Bzzzzzzzz! We have a winner! Yanetti, that is the stupidest thing to come out of the casino project since the idea itself was hatched. Let’s put this in perspective for you, and we’ll type it real slow so you can keep up: Why does any taxpayer have to incur costs of any kind when a development is proposed? Further, if your masters had not floated a stupid idea like a casino in Gettysburg, there wouldn’t have been any costs incurred at all by the taxpayers! Shoot, you’re the type the almost late, great Larry Flynt used to celebrate every month with an award in the front of his Hustler Magazine. Hey Bernie, ya ought to pay this tab yourself, just based on the stupidity of your comment. You can afford it. If not, hit up Mrs. Malaprop and her lawyer-mouthpiece hubbie Jeff. We already know they can afford it, and probably should chip in just for the stupid things she used to say.

A real live two ring circus year round, right here in Adams County, can you believe it? The people in Florida should be so lucky.

These are just two of the latest examples of how your elected township officials bend over backwards, descending into outright stupidity, to make things so easy for developers “a cave man could do it!”

These folks do not deserve your respect, let alone your votes. Come November, if the ballot has that [I] beside the name, vote for someone else. They are all guilty of pandering to the developers, and profligate spending of your tax dollars.

We are still waiting for the Cumberland Clowns to provide details of their facilities expansion project, and of course, the environmental impact studies of what they have already done, and what they plan to do. Maybe we should call out the villagers with their torches and pitchforks for that little gem as well.

Now, Cumberland Township residents are finally seeing why their taxes were increased over 100% last year.

Frankly, we all have better things to do with our money than make things so easy for developers that “a cave man can do it.”


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