Saturday, February 10, 2007

GettysBLOG: Gettysburg Battlefield Work Update - February 2007

A recent trip around the Gettysburg Battlefield after a mild thaw showed some major changes in the landscape, especially at the lower crest of Culp's Hill.

The following three pictures are taken from the lower peak of Culp's Hill, looking west. In fact, one can notice the top of the new Visitors Center rising above the tree line at the center of the image:
Just on the other side of the stone wall in this view lies Pardee Field.

Here is the reverse view of the above. This view was taken from the bottom of Pardee Field looking east at the lower peak of Culp's Hill. The trees in this image are on the other side of the road from which the above photo was taken. At the top of the field here, one can see the stone wall visible in the above photo.

Taken from the same spot as the first image, looking north, this shows the "traverse" constructed by General Greene's men on the night of July 2-3, in the low ground between the upper and lower peaks of Culp's Hill. The "traverse" is the low dike running just to the right of the line of monuments in the image. It connects the defensive works on the two peaks of Culp's Hill. The tree line is actually on top of the dike.

Here is Steven's Knoll, with the obvious work of tree clearing going on behind the statue of General Slocum:

Steven's Knoll looking northwest from the end of Williams Avenue.

Steven's Knoll, and the Slocum Statue as seen from Baltimore Street just below the Evergreen Cemetery.

Here is an image of the new Visitors center, in its current state of construction. The top portion, which is about the only part that will rise above the surrounding terrain, will house the restored Cyclorama painting done by Paul Philippoteaux.

The main part of the new Visitor's Center is under construction out of sight beyond and below the visible structure seen here, into the area where the old Fantasyland once stood. This view is taken from Hunt Avenue between Baltimore Street and Taneytown Road.


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Randy said...

Thank you very much for the updated pictures. Amazed is too mild a word for the many changes the battlefield has gone through in the last few years. I appreciate that you took the time.