Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GettysBLOG: Maitland Just Another Greedy Politician

Word from the Hanover Sun that Steve Maitland has decided to stick it once more to the “stupid taxpayers” who turned him out of office last May because he suddenly got a greedy streak, and made bad decision after bad decision.

His pleas that he took few of the perquisites available to his peers in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives justified him keeping an unconstitutionally passed pay raise, delivered in an unconstitutional format, and padding his retirement from it, simply fell on deaf ears. Greed is greed. You don’t do without for 12 years so you can suddenly become greedy!

His latest stunt is going back over the past couple of years and claiming a per diem expense “reimbursement” to the tune of over $11,000. Swimming pools and law school tuition are both costly expenses.

One final way to stick it to the “stupid voters” who voted him out.

Maitland showed his true [lack of] character when he voted for the unconstitutional pay raise, and then refused to return the money. His retirement funds shall be forever tainted by this avaricious decision.

Maitland continues to attempt to justify his actions by pointing to the first 12 years of his time in office. It doesn’t matter how good he was during those twelve years, the last two finally showed the true Steve Maitland to be just another greedy politician.

It does not matter if the money was legal, which is one of his justifications, it matters that it was wrong, and most of those involved have repaid the money, and many paid a similar price at the polls.

So Steve Maitland stood on the floor of the House last year and delivered a rant about the stupid electorate throwing him out – they didn’t know a good thing when they had it.

No, Steve, they knew a bad thing when they had it. You however, apparently did not know a good thing when you had it.


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