Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PennPatriot: In case you missed NPR's Radio Open Source program last night

My appearance on NPR's Radio Open Source show was a lot of fun. Eventhough, I have to admit I was overpowered by the guests. But hey, it was my first time participating on a nationally broadcasted talk radio show. I did my best :)

On the show, I tried to represent the views of the voters that live here in South Central Pennsylvania. Voters that are frankly fed up and frustrated. They are fed up with candidates that refuse to focus on solutions to real problems, who play the partisanship game and don't understand that government at all levels needs to be desperately reformed to overcome the challenges of the 21st Century. Meanwhile lower and middle class families here in Central Pennsylvania continue to struggle to make ends meat.

Voters here in Central Pennsylvania are tired of goverment smothering economic growth by legislating high taxes. They are tired of the burdonsome regulations tryannically imposed on them by Washington and Harrisburg that control virtually every aspec of life.

It's true folks, to many of us here in Central Pennsylvania feel that America is no longer the land of opportunity. Instead has become the land of big government, certification and regulation.

If you listen to the show, you will quickly understand why the people of South Central Pennsylvania are so frustrated and feel that not only are our political leaders out of touch with working class Pennsylvania families, but so are elite media types like Gar Joseph of the Philadelphia Daily News. Gar Joseph's narrow view of Pennsylvania forces me to seriously question his ability to accurately cover issues that impact our entire state. As an editor for the Philadelphia Daily News one would think that Gar Joseph should know all of Pennsylvania a little better than what he communicated on the show.

Contrary to the popular belief of Gar Joseph and other elite liberals, the people of Central Pennsylvania are not just ignorant, uneducated farm folk. The people that I know and have come to love here in Central PA are actually very strong-willed, hard-working, and independent. They are people that take their faith, their families and the health of their communities very seriously.

The Central Pennsylvania described by Gar Joseph in the first half of the talk show is a far cry from what it's actually like growing up or living here. Lowman Henry is right. Central PA communities are not dying. They are actually experience a rebirth economically, socially and politically. Areas of the state like State College in Centre County are experiencing tremendous economic growth. Economic growth has led to moderate population growth as well. Politically Central PA is leading the state goverment reform movement. Voters are engaged and are willing to hold legislators accountable for high taxes and out of control government spending.

Sadly the radio show didn't really focus on the important issues that matter in the Pennsylvania Senate race. In my opinion the real truth about the Santorum/Casey race is that most people here in the central part of the state are frustrated with both candidates. Some even feel the race has been a joke from the very beginning. There is no doubt that Santorum is the better candidate and that he has a better grasp of the issues and challenges that face our country. However, Santorum has also sold his conservative soul to the power of Washington. This has alienated his base. Most feel that Santorum is more focused on governing than he is advancing conservative reform or legislating conservative solutions. Santorum's support of the senior prescription drug benefit is a perfect example of this.

To download the show incase you missed it left click here and then click on save as. Enjoy!