Saturday, September 09, 2006

PennPatriot Supports Casey Roncaglione, Democratic Candidate 164th District Pennsylvania House

Very rarely in the game of politics does one issue trump every other issue during an election. But, thanks to the pay raise one issue has reached this elite status. That issue is state government reform.

Why is reform so important? All you have to do is look the large amounts of gambling money that has poored into Harrisburg from gambling lobbyists, look at the way gambling and the pay raise was pushed through the state legislature and look at the late night backroom deals that has led our state government down the path of greed and corruption. After examining what has been going on in Harrisburg over the past three years, it's not hard to realize just what is at stake and why change is so important in this upcoming November election.

By pledging to advance the ideas of reform in Pennsylvania one enters a very new and exciting world. A world that is founded on values, ideas and friendships instead of party partisanship, greed and lobbyists. It is a world that crosses party lines and where a conversation on a blog or in an email could lead to new ideas or end up becoming a political movement. Yes reform is exiciting in Pennsylvania.

This is why I am pledging my support to Democratic Candidate for the 164th District State House of Representatives,
Casey Roncaglione. Casey understands what is at stake in this election and is dedicated to advancing the state government reforms layed out in Democracy Rising's Roadmap for Reform. Casey is challenging a tough Republican RINO, Rep. Mario Civera. Civera voted for the pay raise and had no intention of returning the pay raise after it was repealed. It is time for out of touch republican and democratic state legislators to get their walking papers from the voters this November.

Politics should be about doing the right thing. Casey has pledge to do the right thing as your state legislator. I would encourage the voters of the 164th District to step up and do the right thing by voting for Casey Roncaglione this November.

Our message to the people of Pennsylvania is simple. Lets work together to knock the greedy lobbyists, political pundits and power hungary politicians out of our state government. Please join PennPatriot Online and Gettysblog in supporting candidates like Casey Roncaglione that have pledged to advance reform in Pennsylvania.

One person can do a lot to help advance the reform movement.
  • Contact your local legislator and tell them to support the road map to reform
  • Tell you legislator to support changing the leadership in the State Legislature
  • Write a letter to the editor of you local Newspaper
  • Become an advocate for the road map
  • Email a friend and urge them to do the same
Please support these reform groups that are advocates for state government reform
For more information on state government reform check out IssuesPA & PA Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

If you are a PA blogger please join us in supporting the roadmap to reform.

Add the Reform Now Banner below to your website and link it to Encourage your visitors to support the Road Map to Reform. I will post those blogs that support the Road Map under the title of Blogs For PA Reform on PennPatriot Online. Drop me an email to be added to the list.

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