Friday, August 11, 2006

190: “Call for Boycott of LeVan Interests”

It is time to take the gloves off. In a fight where the enemy shows no compunction against lying, deception, bribery, and the purchasing of political influence, there remains one single weapon with which to fight: truth!

Since the start, David LeVan has distorted and perverted the facts behind his casino project. His group of investors have lied to the public, to the Gambling Control Commission (not that they care), and to the press.

Now, the claim appears once again of 3,000 “good-paying jobs”, and $4 million to be spent on road improvements. Crossroads is still putting out the claim that Adams County/Gettysburg needs the economic jump start.

We have demonstrated before here, using valid statistics from state and Federal sources, that Adams County has:

· One of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. In fact, it has been that way for at least the last decade or more.
· An average household income substantially higher than the national average and higher than the surrounding counties.
· Two major industries that are stable (fruit/agriculture, and tourism).

[See essays
37: “Statistics”, and 38: “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics”, we detailed the statistics on income and employment.]

Quite logically, one can easily see that his “good-paying jobs” will mostly go unfilled. Adams County simply has no need of those jobs.

Result: No benefit to Adams County!

The $4 million on road improvements? Fiction. Adams County and Pennsylvania, and US taxpayers are funding the reconstruction of the US 30 & 15 Interchange, primarily so David LeVan can have his Straban Township empire.

Result: Deficit for Adams County!

Bringing a casino into the area is not going to raise the standard of living, or the average household income. Indeed, it will lower the average household income since those “good-paying jobs” will mostly go to menial workers and laborers who will earn less than the household average in this area. In fact, most of the jobs will be part time, and without benefits.

Result: No benefit to Adams County!

A side deal struck by LeVan with the construction union grants employment rights to that union for the construction of the casino. Very few members of that union are residents of Adams County. It is unlikely that they will all be added to a construction crew on the casino project as they are likely committed to other jobs.

Result: No benefit to Adams County!

We have demonstrated how David LeVan has publicly bribed the Borough Council of Gettysburg for their support. A bribe is a bribe is a bribe, and that is precisely what this is. David LeVan inoculated the Council with ‘gold fever” by waving a million dollar gift in front of their eyes, all in exchange for the simple expediency of supporting the casino project in the Gambling Control Board hearings. They succumbed. Now they are paying the price because he has changed the terms of the deal! [See essay
121: “Gettysburg Sold to LeVan for $1 Million”.] The Borough Council has shamed itself in public by buying a pig in a poke.

Result: A shameful blight on the honor of Gettysburg Borough!

Since returning to Gettysburg after an abbreviated career in business, where his only success was in gaining himself an inflated “golden parachute”, LeVan has done nothing but curry favor and impose intimidation by spreading his money around the community. He bought himself onto the board of the college, and had the rebuilt Majestic Theater renamed in his honor, something usually bestowed after one’s death. Not our David. The Majestic Theater is now part of the David and Jennifer LeVan Performing Arts Center. How pretentious. David loves the “good life”, and fancies himself Emperor of Adams County. He loves to put on the dog. He also loves to wrestle with pigs..., which he does regularly at Gettysburg’s biker bar, The Pike, right beside his home.

Result: Gettysburg is fast becoming an ugly place to live thanks to LeVan!

So what does an early retiree from the corporate world do with his time and money? He starts the “largest Harley Davidson dealership in the country”. Then he proceeds to organize biker events that for multiple weekends each year, and one full week each summer, turn Gettysburg into “Bikertown”! Local residents are treated to the thunder of a hundred Harleys with illegal pipes rumbling past their homes in town and out in the countryside, round the clock the entire time they are in the area. This past “Bike Week” saw the first biker-brawl at The Pike (at least the first one that made the local paper, which is also under LeVan’s thrall.)

But now he has brought a divisive issue to the community in the form of his casino project.

It is not needed economically. It is not wanted by the majority of the community. World-wide press coverage has condemned the concept of a casino in the Gettysburg area. The Governor, and his November opponent have stated publicly that it is the wrong thing to do to Gettysburg (and LeVan is a close friend and political [$$$$] supporter of Rendell!). The state House of Representatives voted 199-0 to impose a ban on a casino in Adams County. The entire legitimate history community has come out against the concept.

Most people would get the hint.

Not our David. He will never admit he was wrong. Never in a million years. He’d rather divide the community, and destroy the economic fabric of the area, sully the historic aura and ruin the historic tourism before he admits he is wrong. He will spare no lie or distortion to obtain what he wants, at whatever the cost, in dollars or in moral values, like ethics and integrity.

Obstacle? No problem, let David write a check. No obstacles exist that he can’t fund a way around or through…or over.

Watch. When the casino is built, it will be named the Gettysburg Spa and Casino. Or perhaps the Crossroads at Gettysburg. Either way, it will be marketed in ads and on billboards using the name of Gettysburg despite promises to the contrary. What will anyone be able to do about it?

David LeVan’s professions of affection for Gettysburg and things Gettysburg are fraudulent. He cares only for a few things: himself, money and power. He does NOT care what you or I think. He does NOT care what you or I want. A few dollars here and there is only to build good will, like money to the Park for the reward for the arrest of the cretins who defaced three monuments last spring. It is cheap, and although most people would have the class to not mention it, LeVan let it leak to the public. Looks modest, looks like a guy trying to help, but this was during a period where LeVan was under a lot of pressure for his actions, and he needed something to boost his image locally. David LeVan is NOT an idealist. He does not do things for no reason, nor does he do things that will not benefit him in the long run. It is the unctuous practice of buying good will.

Why is he like this? One guess would be to restore his reputation in the corporate world. His last venture ended with the demise of Conrail, and the loss of jobs for many workers, yet he retained his “golden parachute”. He is very Gordon Gekko-like. Another guess has him settling some old score, some slight from his days growing up around here. And another simply says he is nothing but a spoiled little rich brat who always demands his own way. Perhaps the truth is in there somewhere, but suffice it to say, he is anything but an unselfish, altruistic idealist.

Result: disaster for the Gettysburg area, and its people.

Thus we call for a boycott of all things LeVan, and those who support this ludicrous, destructive casino project. That is, Battlefield Harley Davidson, The LeVan Performing Arts Center, Just Jennifer, the Straban Township Supervisors (vote them out!), the Adams County Commissioners (vote them out!), the Chamber of Commerce Board (vote them out!), the Gettysburg Borough Council (vote them out!) and all those businesses who support the casino project.

Boycott LeVan!


“Kick the hubris out of Harrisburg!”

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!"

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

Remember in November! Before you vote,

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Anonymous said...

AMEN BROTHER! Preach the Good Word!

As a former resident of Adams county, this casino is a dumb and bad idea for Gettysburg. As is slots for all of PA.

LeVan is ruining the historical aspect of Gettysburg. Bike Week is a horrible thing to have. It should be held in York, where the Harley factory is. The noise alone from the bikes is a disgrace to the community. It is certain not meant as a family event.

I believe LeVan is bringing in his buddies to force the history out of the limelight, and putting his vision of the future into the forefront, which mainly benefits him and his partners rather than the community. And he is blinding many people with his propaganda monetary "donations", "gifts" and talk of creating "career" employment opportunities. This must be stopped. The truth must get out.

Hopefully, the legislature will suspend the Gaming. And/or the Gaming Commission will void the Gettysburg area slots proposal.

I'm not going to hold my breath for either, but will continue to pray that someone takes a stand and stops the madness.

Anonymous said...

For those on the borough council who voted "NO!" - I'd say let them stay. They have proven that they can't be bought, and that is hard to find nowadays.

The county zoning board should amend its zoning so that a casino is at least two miles from a church, school, recreational park or other such type of facility.

Anonymous said...

This IS hallowed ground. Woe to the man whose stewardship does not recognize this.

GettysBLOG said...

Absolutely correct. If we don't stop this now, Disney will be pounding at the doors, and you might as well put the dance halls and gambling parlors back on Little Round Top.

Anonymous said...

There was no "biker brawl" at the Pike, if you don't believe me, please call and talk to the owner about it. She is there regularly and will gladly answer your questions about this fabricated story.

Second, The Pike is not a biker bar. Drive by any night of the week, the overwhelming majority of motorized vehicles in the parking lot are those of the four wheeled kind. The same can be said about the clientele. Please stop slinging mud and lies.

GettysBLOG said...

If you have a problem with how that fighht was reported take it up with the Gettysburg Slimes, or the Hanover Evening Sun. They certainly would not fabricate a story. Get them to print a retraction and I might consider doing the same.

As for the Pike being a biker bar? Where else would bikers brawl during bike week?

I drive by the Pike all the time and there are consistantly many bikes out front.

It is also David LeVan's hangout. And we all know how much he loves bikers.

You're defense of the Pike is misguided.