Thursday, July 20, 2006

Russ Diamond: And In This Corner...

I find it difficult to stifle my own laughter. If I were drinking milk, surely it would be squirting out my nose in true slapstick fashion. But laughter is only a cover-up, because in reality, I’m seething.

And what exactly places me in this emotional tug of war? Nothing short of the Commonwealth’s most prominent Republican mouthpieces feigning righteous indignation over Ed Rendell’s latest intended transfer of funds to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board from another department.

"What's troubling is to see them moving it around from account to account, fund to fund without getting the approvals that the constitution states are necessary," the Associated Press quoted Stephen MacNett, top lawyer for the Senate Republicans, as saying.

"Obviously, the governor doesn't think the laws of the commonwealth apply to him," Republican gubernatorial hopeful Lynn Swann told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

HELLO??? Can you say “hypocrite,” gentleman?

Where was MacNett’s constitutional expertise when Senate President Pro Tempore Bob Jubelirer was plotting and planning the infamous payjacking with Rendell and Chief Justice Ralph Cappy? And forgive me, but I must have missed Swann’s appearance at the September 26th anti-payjacking rally on the Capitol steps.

Lynn was so ticked off about the unconstitutional pay grab that he turned around and endorsed Jubelirer in the primary election. And to punish Jubelirer even further, Lynn lent him a few campaign volunteers on election day.

All of a sudden, these guys are defending the Constitution. Are you buying it?

It’s no secret that Ed is willing to consistently violate the PA Constitution. He signed the illegal slots bill, approved the pay raise - to “kiss a little butt” - and now is seeking to skirt our most fundamental law once again.

But in all the things Ed has “accomplished” in the last four years, right behind him stood legislative Republicans, who control both chambers of the General Assembly. And now the rascals are standing behind Lynn - and he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Blatantly violating the Constitution is not the exclusive domain of Democratic or Republican elected officials in Harrisburg. Both sides have conspired to rip the document to shreds and rob Pennsylvanians of their right to good government. It’s a true bipartisan effort.

I see it in the same light as professional wrestling. Oh, they put on a good show in front of the audience, pretending to be enemies and all that - but after the show is over, they’re all in the locker room slapping each other on the back with the knowledge that they’ve pulled another fast one on We the People.

We can either continue to empty our wallets for this pay-per-view event known as “Governmania” or we can put an end to the charade and take our government back once and for all. Yes, we need to TAKE it back - because if we wait for them to give it back, we’ll be waiting forever.

I’m ready to quit laughing and get down to business.

Russ Diamond is an Independent candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. Visit his website at

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