Friday, July 07, 2006

PennPatriot: Amen Gettysblog, Pennsylvanians can no longer afford to ignore these warnings. Our motto is REFORM PENNSYLVANIA NOW!

I have to consider my good friend from Gettysblog one of the true reformers out there in the PA Blogger Sphere. In his article below he has finally said what needed to be said about gambling, the pay raise, the reform movement and the overall state of our state government.

The best thing about his article is that he is simply an average citizen sounding the alarm and spreading the message of reform to the people of Pennsylvania. At least this reform advocate thinks that deserves a pat on the back. In all honesty the reform movement needs more individuals like Gettysblog.

The state government reform message desperately needs to move beyond the pay raise backlash, out of world of politics and into the living rooms of average Pennsylvanians. I believe passionately that the reform movement must become a people's movement if it is to be successful. This is truly a battle that Pennsylvania taxpayers, voters and citizens can no longer ignore and afford to lose. We The People of Pennsylvania must take back our state government and move the reform movement forward.

My message to the people of Pennsylvania is simple. Lets work together to knock the greedy lobbyists, political pundits and power hungary politicians out of our state government. Please join PennPatriot Online and Gettysblog in supporting Tim Potts's efforts at
Democracy Rising PA. Please contact you state legislator and tell them to support Democracy Rising PA's road map to reform (Click here to find out more about the road map). To get involved in or support Democracy Rising PA please email Tim Potts at

One person can do a lot to help advance the reform movement.
  • Contact your local legislator and tell them to support the road map to reform
  • Tell you legislator to support changing the leadership in the State Legislature
  • Write a letter to the editor of you local Newspaper
  • Become an advocate for the road map
  • Email a friend and urge them to do the same
Please support these reform groups that are advocates for state government reform
For more information on state government reform check out IssuesPA & PA Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

If you are a PA blogger please join us in supporting the roadmap to reform.

Add the Reform Now Banner below to your website and link it to Encourage you visitors to support the Road Map to Reform. I will post those blogs that support the Road Map under the title of Bloggers For PA Reform on PennPatriot Online. Drop me an email to be added to the list.


Randy said...

"...he is simply an average citizen sounding the alarm and spreading the message of reform to the people of Pennsylvania."

I agree with all that you said with the small exception that I take with the word "average". I propose "tireless" as a more accurate description. NPR spoke today of the current revolution in Pennsylvania politics with the credit going to the local grass roots organizations and bloggers. A nice portion of that well deserved credit belongs right here.