Friday, June 02, 2006

161: "A Vote of No Confidence"

We the undersigned PA bloggers openly object to the selection of Mr. Robert Gleason as the next GOP State Committee Chairman. We ask that the elected members of State Committee to consider an alternative candidate. We believe that Mr. Gleason would be detrimental to the GOP. His recent comments in support of Rep. Murtha, a Democrat Congressman in his own district, and his financial support of the losing campaign of Sen. Jubelirer, show that Mr. Gleason is out of touch with the mainstream of the rest of the Republican Party.

It has become clear that Mr. Gleason represents the establishment which Republican voters of this state have rejected. The rejected establishment represents big government, arrogance, cronyism, higher taxes, gambling, back-room deals, unconstitutional votes, politics as usual, and a willingness to pass Mr. Rendell’s agenda.

Republicans came out in force on Primary Day to proclaim that they want change. They proclaimed that they have had enough of Republicans who are more concerned with obtaining and keeping power than in making changes and implementing true Republican policies based on core Republican principles of smaller government, less taxes, and obeying the law of the land.

Republicans want to restore the integrity of our Party, not continue to let it be violated. Republicans want to clean up our government. It has to start from within our Party.

So to you State Republican Committee Members, we plead - Please take note of what happened on Primary Day. Learn the lessons of that day. Reform is in the air, Reform is what the people of this party want, and reform of this party and this state government is exactly what the people of this party will get.

The question becomes whose side are you one? Are you going to do the easy thing and vote to install a chairman who represents the status quo and the past. Or are you going to do your duty, represent Republican Party member interests’, and elect a new chairman that will be the face of the future and the face of reform? The choice is yours. Just be prepared for the people’s response.

PennLiberty - Matthew Best of PennPatriot Online

PennPatriot - Randy Potter of PennPatriot Online

[Thank you to Matt Best and Randy Potter for their excellent collaboration and huge effort to get this issue out in front of the people of Pennsylvania. We heartily endorse this effort. The Pennsylvania Republican State Committee is about to signal a "business as usual" approach to state politics. Apparently, they have not been paying attention. They will pay the price in November if they do not soon wake up and start representing the people, rather than the monied interests and themselves.]


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Remember in November! Before you vote,

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