Thursday, May 11, 2006

149: “Why Steve Maitland Needs a New Job”

[Note: Bloggers and activists around the state should feel free to use any or all of this essay and substitute the name of their own Representative/Senator (or both).]

When Steve Maitland ran for the General Assembly lo these many years ago, he promised to quit after 6 terms – twelve years. He is now finishing his seventh term (fourteenth year), and is running for two more years.

Steve Maitland does not keep his word.

One must ask, what has Maitland accomplished in those fourteen years in Harrass-burg? A few small bills here and there, and a spot on the tourism committee. His unanimously passed amendment to the gambling bill that would have banned a casino from Adams County is dead. It went to the Senate and disappeared. Rendell would have vetoed it anyway.

Steve Maitland has been wholly unproductive over fourteen years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Fourteen years in the House, and the only person who has benefited from his service is Steve Maitland.

Wait! Not quite wholly unproductive. When it comes to feathering his own nest, he was very productive! He voted for the Pay Raise last year. He quickly took the “unvouchered expense” an illicit and evil mechanism designed to bypass the Constitutional section that says no member of the General Assembly can benefit by a pay raise in the session in which the raise was passed. Unfortunately, that thinking just does not measure up. It is a perversion of the Constitution. What is it about the term and “no other compensation” that Maitland doesn’t understand? Article II, Section 8 of the Pennsylvania Constitution says quite clearly, “The members of the General Assembly shall receive such salary and mileage for regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by law, and no other compensation whatever, whether for service upon committee or otherwise. No member of either House shall during the term for which he may have been elected, receive any increase of salary, or mileage, under any law passed during such term.” Plainly, the Pay Raise was passed surreptitiously, and in a fashion which totally bypassed another section of the Constitution. Plainly the unvouchered expense is compensation that stemmed from the Pay Raise.
No amount of lawyer-speak, or politician double-speak can justify keeping that money.

Maitland refuses to repay the money he took. We have urged the Pennsylvania Attorney General to file felony theft charges against Maitland and his partners in crime in the General Assembly who have not repaid the money.

This is an inexcusable lapse of ethics and a violation of the simplest of moral values: thou shalt not steal. It matters not whether Maitland is using the money to pay for his law school tuition, or to pay for a swimming pool in his back yard. Stealing is stealing.

No one with this kind of record deserves to be reelected. Frankly, he belongs in jail. So do the 111 other members of the General Assembly who refuse to pay back the money.

They can play all the lawyer-like word games they want to rationalize this terrible decision. The money does not belong to them. It belongs to the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Vote these thieves out of office. Start with Steve Maitland in the 91st Legislative District. He needs a real job to repay his ill-gotten gains.

Don’t know who they are? Here is a link to the Operation Clean Sweep
Wall of Shame, it has photos of them all.

Vote them out! The stench coming from both houses of the General Assembly is overwhelming.

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“Kick the hubris out of Harrisburg!”

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!"

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

Remember in May! Before you vote,

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Anonymous said...

We are taxed by the Feds, State, County, Township and School District. Then we pay sales, amusement, gasoline and even moral based taxes just to name a few. Moral taxes are not new if one considers the first excise taxes Pennsylvania created immediately following the Revolution.
With all of this taxation we still have deficits, unbalanced budgets and we will never own our homes. If our politicians were CEOs they would be out on the street while the company goes through a bankruptcy liquidation sale. Actually, this may not be to far away considering that China now owns 48% of our US Treasury Notes.

Our state reps voted themselves up to a 54% illegal backroom pay raise. When caught in OUR cookie jar, they rescinded the vote, but many including Maitland kept their illegal un-vouchered expense check. Since he spent the money on his law degree, he claims he can better serve the constituent and therefore his justification. At least he could have spent the money on and MBA so that he could learn how to balance a checkbook. Now he wants to create a $13,000 tax on new homes and double our real estate transfer tax.

Gettysburg School District wants to spend over $3mm dollars on a new stadium. Remember the school over runs? Gettysburg Police want to go regional so that they can spread the cost to those of us that do not have this burden

It is now time to vote and you have 3 choices. Before you make your decision, remember they did establish Hazelton Soil as our official state dirt 4 weeks ago. So you can vote “em” all out, don’t vote, or have your entire paycheck sent to the government. After they take what they want, they can send you a weekly allowance…..if you’re a good dog.

Robert Gross
Adams County