Friday, April 28, 2006

138: “Remembering Don Michael Corleone”

In the latest developments involving our “friend” Louis DeNaples and his efforts to turn the old Mt. Airy (Poconos) resort into a casino resort (with the help of business partners and friends on the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Commission Board, courtesy of legislative leader Chip Brightbill), DeNaples turned up at the Gambling Board hearings yesterday. Apparently it was a scene right out of the Godfather movies, when Don Michael Corleone testified before Congress. DeNaples even added a Nun (who testified) and a Priest to his entourage.

The newspapers report today that Don Corleo…oops, I mean DeNaples is “The owner of nearly 100 businesses, including two landfills, and chairman of a Scranton bank valued at $1 billion, DeNaples, who makes few public appearances and even fewer public comments, told the board he had offers to be a partner in other gambling projects but decided to pursue a slots license for Mount Airy Lodge.”
Allentown Morning Call]. [What’s a ‘goodfella’ without he’s got a landfill or two, eh? Sheesh! I can hear the old 78 RPM record of Caruso singing in the background while the entourage eats pasta in the kitchen of the Big House. Complete wid da Priest!]

In the same article, DeNaples was described as claiming, “…that despite concerns raised about his business and family connections to the gaming board, which will award slots licenses later this year, he has no ties to it.” Family and business connections but no ties. I am stunned by the sheer and utter blatancy of that contradiction.

The article describes the hubbub about DeNaples this way, “His slots application has drawn interest because of his 1978 felony conviction for submitting phony invoices for cleanup work after Hurricane Agnes in 1972, along with his alleged ties to organized crime.”

DeNaples also made the following claim as reported by the
Morning Call: “''We would operate with integrity, I'm the sole investor and owner of the property.''

I’ll sleep better at night knowing that.

"The Pope, the Holy Father himself, has this very day blessed Michael Corleone; an' you think you know better than the Pope?"
--Dominic Abbandando
(Michael's PR Advisor, son of Genco) to reporters (Godfather III).


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