Tuesday, April 25, 2006

135: “Gettysburg’s ‘Pig in a Poke’ Revealed”

In exchange for a vague David LeVan $1-2 million promise, Gettysburg Borough Council President Ted Streeter and five of his fellow ‘suckerfish’ agreed to present favorable testimony before the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board at their local hearings. We thought a number of things odd and downright wrong about the deal, and presented our case in
121: “Gettysburg Sold to LeVan for $1 Million”.

Further reflection on the motives of David LeVan were presented in GettysBLOG
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We were told at the time it was a ‘no strings attached’ deal. We wondered how any responsible governmental body could accept a deal that many of their members had not seen, nor read by the time of the vote. Even worse, the Borough Solicitor had not read the offer.

Now, as it turns out, the ‘deal ain’t all it was cracked up to be. At a Borough Finance Committee meeting last Wednesday, Councilman Dick Peterson commented, "Mr. LeVan said this agreement has no strings attached. There are more strings attached to this than there are wires on the Brooklyn Bridge."

It seems they are in the process of ‘negotiating’ the details. LeVan sent his legal mouthpiece, Attorney Jeff Ernico, husband of the infamous investor Barb Ernico, to do his dirty work. And the Borough Council is getting ‘worked’. Note this gem from Ernico: “We've tried zealously to get money for you for a long, long time."

Now, that’s a very interesting comment. It has a number of possible interpretations. One is that it simply is another in a long line of lies coming from all the Chance people who open their mouths in public. Another is that there has been some sort of unwritten agreement between Borough Council President Ted Streeter for a long time, hence the rush to approve the deal virtually sight unseen on April 3rd. The last, and most unlikely based on Chance’s history of dishonesty in public, is that for once they are telling the truth and have been putting pressure on the legislature to put a finer focus on how the local share is to be divvied up.

Right now, as the law stands, all of Adams County stands to get a slim slice of the pie, as most will go to more heavily populated York and Cumberland Counties, and to Franklin County. [It is this uncertainty that prompted Adams County Commissioner Glenn Snyder to demonstrate why the Good Lord made us with butt cracks, as he straddles the fence taking no position on the casino issue “until he knows the money is guaranteed.” Translation: ‘I’m for it for the money.’ Snyder apparently has prehensile glutes.]

Ernico explained to the Borough Council, "We're trying to help facilitate a dialogue between all of the groups. This agreement is saying to you, we want you and Straban and Adams County to work together to try and get a share of the $16 million."

Suddenly, the terms have changed. Suddenly, the Borough has to compete for the money LeVan promised with the County and with Straban Township, both of which have a higher stake in the casino game than the Borough of Gettysburg has. [The Casino will be ‘in’ Adams County, and ‘in’ Straban Township, but there is no such link to the Borough of Gettysburg.] In essence then, David LeVan promised money he does not control.

Showing obvious signs of feeling a draft on his glutes, Council President Ted Streeter said to Ernico, "We crossed the Rubicon for you knowing that six of us could be publicly hung, we went to the wall for you guys."

Hang in there Ted! There may be a lynch mob waiting for you yet.


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