Monday, March 27, 2006

114: “Gettysburg Casino Guilty of False Advertising”

A block advertisement which appeared in the Hanover Sunday Sun presents the same old tired and dishonest claims by Chance Enterprises as before. Chance Enterprises is that collection of idle rich investors from outside Adams County (with one exception) who want to cram an unwanted, unneeded casino down the throats of the people of the Gettysburg area.

The ad touts “jobs and real opportunities for Adams County”, claiming later in the ad that Adams County will benefit from the casino because it “…will provide more than 4000 new jobs…”. That is several hundred more jobs than there are unemployed in Adams County – total! Think about it. Do the math. You know not every unemployed is truly hirable. You know that there are chronic unemployed in those numbers, and you know there are temporarily unemployed in there who await a return to work call from an employer who was forced into a temporary layoff. And you know there are some seasonally unemployed in there. If there are 1,500 truly employable unemployed people in the 3.2 percent of Adams County employables that are not working, then Chance is going to be faced with 2,500 open positions.

The ad also claims “…good benefits, and new tax revenues for local streets, schools and services.” The Chance people keep ignoring the fact that the local school district flat out rejected taking money from gambling. But no problem, the money will go to Straban Township most likely so they can continue to pave over one of the most scenic and productive agricultural areas in the state.

Let’s connect some dots for these apparently dim-witted investors (well, if they aren’t dim-witted, then they are dishonest. And they aren’t dishonest, are they?):
  • How are you going to run a casino operation with 2,500 unfilled jobs?
  • Who is going to patronize your casino if there aren’t any housekeepers keeping the place clean, aren’t enough bellhops, maids, waiters, waitresses, valets, janitors, maintenance personnel, groundskeepers, car-hops, cooks, security guards, etc. to meet the needs of your customers?
  • Do you honestly think you are going to squeeze tens of millions of dollars from the local economy? I mean, if the local economy is as bad as you claim it is, the money simply isn’t here, and 5 casino projects won’t make it good enough to supply that kind of money.
  • Do you really believe that Dave Sites, and A&S Builders will rescue you by building their mega-developments and people will move into them in such numbers that your operation will be saved? Hello? The housing bubble is over.
  • So if you can’t get your revenue from the locals where 80% of your take is supposed to come from, and you can’t attract people from farther away because you do not have the housekeeping staff to support your hotel/spa, then who is going to patronize your slots parlor? Perhaps you think the Sultan of Brunei will fly in to Gettysburg Airport in his Lear Jet and take a short chopper ride to your private heliport (located where the ball
    fields currently exist), drop 15 million and fly away again?
  • With a minimum of two large hotels sitting right across US 30 from you that are already in operation, who is going to pay premium rates to stay in your resort, when they can be almost as close and stay for 25% of what you charge?
  • Since those hotels will have opened long before you have even laid a brick, those 1500 unemployed in Adams County are going to go to work there. Who, then, will you get to park your cars for you when you do visit, or even to mow the grass?
  • When the project fails, who will buy this “pig in a poke” you have been trying so stupidly to sell to the people of Adams County, who have loudly, and clearly and repeatedly told you “NO!!!”?

This won’t be an economic boon to the area, it will be an economic disaster for everyone involved, directly or indirectly, except for the investors.

Plainly speaking, it should be obvious to everyone by now that the Investors from Chance Enterprises have been lying through their teeth about this whole thing, and intentionally misleading the public since day one. Lying through their teeth, either to us, or to themselves and to us.

It is patently clear: there is no economic benefit to Adams County, or the Gettysburg area. This project simply does not stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of any kind of success at all beyond a tax write-off for the investors. This thing will become Gettysburg’s White Elephant.

We have looked and looked and cannot find an up-side to this project. Oh, the investors can, they make out win or lose. Bob Monahan loses if it doesn’t go through as he doesn’t get his money for the property (Poor little Bobby! Please excuse me for a moment while I go off in search of a shred of pity for Bob Monahan, who is absolutely intent on destroying the character of the Gettysburg area!), but heck, he’ll just slap up a few more hotels, and conference centers that will remain empty, fall into disrepair, and eventually become an eyesore.

Nope, no up-side in sight. None lurking around the corner, either.

It is time to end this farce. It is only more stupid now than it was when it first reared its ugly head. Now, the lies have been exposed, the (faulty) reasoning defeated, and the ugly truth behind this disaster has been revealed.

From the start, it was a stupid idea. Worse, it was an insult. Obviously, the investors do not understand how insulting their proposal and actions are to the area, or perhaps they do not care – dollar signs have a way of making people into moral relativists. Or as ‘Gordon Gekko’ said, “Greed is good.”

Woodrow Wilson once said, “If a dog will not come to you after he has looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

Perhaps all the Chance Investors should do so.


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