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84: “Top Ten Reasons Not to Build a Casino in The Gettysburg Area”

Not to be outdone by David Letterman, Jay Leno, et al., we herewith present the top ten reasons why a slots casino should not be built in the Gettysburg area:

10. “Chance Enterprises should not be discriminated against because of an accident of geography.” Kathryn Lease Simpson, Attorney for the investment group trying to build a casino near Gettysburg, at a hearing for Representative Steve Maitland’s bill proposing a 15 mile casino free zone around historic areas. [Planning for the Gettysburg Campaign began in December, 1862, seven months before the battle.]
9. “The scare-tactics of No Casino Gettysburg would make Chicken Little proud. With utter disregard for the facts, the group continues its campaign of misinformation, providing the county with misleading statistics and half-truths in order to further its moralistic crusade against gambling. We respect honest opposition to our project but cannot sit idle while the facts are ignored.” Jeff Ernico, Attorney for the investment group trying to build a casino near Gettysburg, husband of one of the investors, Barbara Ernico, in response to an Impact Study presented to the Adams County Commissioners by No Casino Gettysburg. [ummm, if NCG is moralistic, does that make Chance Enterprises immoral? The Impact Study presented by NCG was a fine collection of facts, statistics, and anecdotal evidence supported by full documentation. Unfortunately, Chance Enterprises own Impact Study failed to reach those standards.]
8. "Chance never stated a casino would not generate social ills. What we said, is when you are looking at the big picture, they are incidental, if at all, and hardly worth putting to numbers". Jeff Ernico, Attorney for the investment group trying to build a casino near Gettysburg, husband of one of the investors, Barbara Ernico, in response to the Impact Study presented by the No Casino Gettysburg group. [What is it they call going backwards on a bicycle? Oh yeah. Backpedaling.]
7. “Crossroads will likely enhance historic preservation, local tourism and increase visitation to the battlefield, according to an analysis by Penn State University Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Asst. Prof. Duarte B. Morais.” A published release by the Chance Enterprises Investors, responding to the NCG Impact Study. [Tell me again how a casino enhances historic preservation? After losing their money in the casino, will visitors really want to tour the battlefield?]
6. "We think we have a strong application and we have a good location." Investor and sometime casino spokesperson, Barbara Ernico, commenting in a Hanover Evening Sun article about the filing of license applications by casino hopefuls. [Chance filed an incomplete application, and still has not found a casino management company to actually run the operation. Most of the other applicants have signed casino management companies, such as Trump, Harrah’s, Boyd’s, etc.]
5. “At least four Bucks County towns and a regional sewer authority have been served with federal subpoenas seeking records detailing their financial dealings with Commerce Bank, documents obtained by The Inquirer show. The Bucks County subpoenas seem to signal an expansion of the City Hall corruption investigation into the suburbs. Last year, two former Commerce executives, Glenn Holck and Stephen Umbrell, were convicted of conspiring with then-City Treasurer Corey Kemp to trade favors and cash for city contracts. Both bankers were sentenced to more than two years in prison.” The Philadelphia Inquirer, in an ongoing investigative report on the dealings of Commerce Bank and local and municipal officials. [Several of the investors in the group comprising Chance Enterprises are connected closely to Commerce Bank in the Harrisburg/West Shore area: board members, stock owners, or close relatives of the same.]
4. "I can’t speak for the Board itself. I know what the Board is going to take into consideration, is public opinion, absolutely, community opinion. Now it can’t be the sole driver. But it can be an important factor. And I’ve said before, David LeVan, one of the movers in Gettysburg, is a personal friend of mine and a good contributor of mine. And I’ve said, my own personal opinion, is that we shouldn’t have it anywhere near a historic site. For example, I don’t want one in downtown Philadelphia, because downtown Philadelphia is Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center. I don’t want people to bring their families, and to walk by a casino to get there. The river is perfect as a site." Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, the man who brought casino gambling to Pennsylvania, in a recent interview with Terry Madonna, for the Pennsylvania Cable Network. [This is not the first time the Governor has made this statement.]
3. "The people who make up this county have strong values and a high work ethic - I don't think there's going to be social problems. I could be wrong, sure - but if I am, there's money there to deal with it." Barbara Ernico, Investor in the group trying to build a casino in the Gettysburg area, responding to a reporter’s questions about social problems stemming from the presence of a casino. [ So, alcoholism? Throw money at it! Addiction to gambling? Throw money at it! Family bankruptcies? Throw money at it!]
2. “I have become an investor because I believe the casino will provide much needed revenue to Adams County and that the people of this community will not be harmed. They don't have to be harmed if we all work together, responsibly, to build and support Adams County.” Barbara Ernico, Investor in the group trying to build a casino in the Gettysburg area, on the No Casino Gettysburg message board. [A blatant threat.]

And the number one reason not to build a casino in the Gettysburg area:

1. "But there would be a tremendous economic benefit to the county economy. Money coming to the county can be a tremendous benefit for many programs we can't afford to do now, like open space and agricultural preservation. While there will be a slots parlor at the commercial corridor of Adams County, this project can save Adams County from unchecked, unplanned development." Adams County Commissioner Tom Weaver, on a local radio broadcast prior to the NCG presentation of their Impact Study. Weaver was explaining he would not attend the presentation because he favored the casino, and didn’t need to hear what NCG had to say. [This one speaks for itself.]

There you have it. The Top Ten reasons there should be no casino built in the Gettysburg area. Some of the statements are, well, the only word that comes to mind is “ludicrous”. And these folks want to run a $300 million slots casino!

Not in “America’s Town”, thank you!


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