Monday, January 09, 2006

81: “Gettysburg Casino Lies”

Chance Enterprises/Crossroads Gaming Resort and Spa is running ads touting their benefit to the economy.

The ads are so riddled with lies and twisted facts as to qualify for fraudulent advertising.

Try lie number one:

"The casino will bring much needed jobs to the area!"

Adams County does not need jobs. It has the lowest unemployment rate in the state, and one of the lowest in the nation! It has been this way for years. It runs between 2.8 and 3.9%. It does go higher in January and February each year because of the weather, but it comes right back. And it doesn't go that high. It has been well below the national and state averages for a decade or more. Don’t, believe me? Look it up.

Or, you could visit GettysBLOG # 37, from August 6, and read this:
The Pennsylvania Department of Labor publishes a monthly statistical analysis of employment statistics by county, including the seasonally adjusted raw and percentage employment/unemployment statistics. They can be found at the County Profiles page on the Department’s website. As this little gem will attest, at 3.7 percent Adams County indeed has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the state, tied with several other counties in the region, and surpassed only by Franklin County (3.5%). The State unemployment rate is 5.0 percent, a little below the national average. Here are some comparisons:
  • The eight counties of northeastern Pennsylvania (Carbon - 5.8%, Columbia - 6.2%, Lackawanna - 5.6%, Luzerne - 5.9%, Monroe - 5.0%, Pike - 5.1%, Susquehanna - 5.0%, and Wayne - 4.4%) have an average of 5.4% for the region. Adams County is at 3.7%!
  • The eight counties of northwestern Pennsylvania (Armstrong - 6.1%, Cameron - 6.2%, Clarion - 5.1%, Crawford - 6.1%, Erie - 5.4%, Elk - 5.9%, Forest - 10.1%, and Venango - 5.9%) have an average of 6.4% for the region. Adams County is at 3.7%!
  • The five counties of the Philadelphia area (Philadelphia - 6.9%, Bucks - 4.0%, Chester - 3.9%, Delaware - 4.7%, and Montgomery - 3.8%) have an average of 4.7% for the region. Adams County is at 3.7%!
  • The six counties of the Pittsburgh area (Allegheny - 5.0%, Armstrong - 6.1%, Beaver - 5.8%, Butler - 4.9%, Washington - 5.6%, and Westmoreland - 5.5%) have an average of 5.5% for the region. Adams County is at 3.7%!
  • The eight counties of South-Central Pennsylvania (Adams - 3.7%, Berks - 4.9%, Cumberland - 3.8%, Dauphin - 4.3%, Franklin - 3.5%, Lancaster - 3.7%, Lebanon - 3.7%, and York - 4.3%) have an average of 4.0% for the region. Adams County is at 3.7!
Lie number two:

"It will be a boost to the local economy."

During construction, the crews (who will mainly come from outside the county), will add minimally to the local economy. Sheetz will do a booming business filling the pickup trucks with gas, and their drivers with coffee. The fast food joints on the strip will boom with the crews' lunches, and sometimes dinners, and they will sell a lot of egg McMuffins and coffee in the mornings.

All of those businesses are franchises, and will be sending much of their increased income outside of the area.

After construction, the casinos will import all of their management and skilled staff from other parts of the country, where casinos are already in operation. The jobs open to locals are the menial ones: housekeeping, janitorial, car hop, bell boy, waiter, waitress, busboy, kitchen help, scullery, and the people in the casinos who walk around constantly picking up after the customers, cleaning up the spilled drinks, and the drunk's puke.

They are minimum wage jobs.

As for the investors, their money goes elsewhere, also. Only one, LeVan, is from Adams County, and look for him to get out quick and take his money to Montana or wherever he has his place out west.

Thanks to Adams County's two main industries, Tourism, and Fruit/Agriculture, we have a stable economy here. It weathers outside (National/Regional) problems, and keeps perking along.

Ask yourself, why did Chance have to go to someone like Morgan Stanley for the $80 million guarantee (and it is only a guarantee...essentially a credit limit)?

That's big money, but not too big for a local bank, like Adams County National Bank. They are capable of handling that, and the money would be local. Not even LeVan could get them to sign on. There's a reason for that. Chance's only local investor is LeVan, and they have no casino management company signed on with money.

It is a bad investment. That Morgan Stanley guarantee, is probably secured by the investors' money.

Our job market and our local economy do not need the casino. The casino, and the development that the Strabaddies are fostering in their township will not aid the local economy, it will seriously hurt it. Every square yard of development is taken right from the Agriculture industry.

And "The Strabaddies" are deeply in favor of development. Who do you think their campaign contributors are?

Get your head out of that dark hole in the sand! Get going! Go to those Township meetings and hold those cretins accountable. Start recall petitions to remove them from office! Shut them down before they steal every farm in Straban Township and turn them into huge housing tracts, strip malls, and casinos.

Go to the County Commissioners meetings. Who do you think their campaign contributors are?

Hold them accountable, or shut them down. Recall them, or force them to resign.

None of your elected officials in Adams County are truly representing you.

They are all beholden to the developers, and are in the process of paving over Adams County.

Grab your neighbors, and take them to the township and county meetings. Make your voices heard!

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!"


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