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80: “No Casino Gettysburg’s Impact Study Announced”

In an effort to counter the patently false, misleading and dishonest claims made in Chance Enterprises so called “Economic Impact Study”, and their dishonest advertisements, the No Casino Gettysburg folks have prepared their own impact study. Here is word from Susan Star Paddock, Chair of No Casino Gettysburg:

From: No Casino Gettysburg-- a non-profit, grass roots citizen action committee.
PO Box 3173, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Contact: Susan Star Paddock, Chair
717-334-6333 / cell 717-253-1316

County Commissioners, Chamber, Public to Hear No Casino Gettysburg

Chance Enterprises had time to present their “local impact report” to the County Commissioners, and now the opposition group, No Casino Gettysburg, has requested time to present their response. The public is invited to the meeting, which will be held Tuesday, January 10, 2006, at 1:30 pm in the Adams County
Courthouse, 2nd floor Commissioners Hearing Room.

The Chance “local impact report” presented on December 20 in private meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and Commissioners, said there were no social ills associated with the proposed slots casino, and therefore no costs to the County. Susan Star Paddock, No Casino Gettysburg Chairman, said, “We want the public to have all the facts, so we’ve posted Chance’s unabridged local impact report on our website.”

The Commissioners are interested in listening to both sides of the slots issue as it relates to Gettysburg and Adams County. Commissioner Glenn Snyder said, “We are interested in addressing the uncertainty of the funding which would come to the County, and how much the casino would cost the County.”

The Chamber of Commerce President Peg Weaver said she would invite their Board members to attend.

Susan Star Paddock, No Casino Gettysburg Chairman, said, “We will present solid data to counter the unrealistic picture painted by Chance Enterprises.”

The presentation will open with a report on social impacts developed by strategic planning consultant Keith Miller, MBA, in consultation with two national experts, economist Earl Grinols, author of “Gambling in America: Costs and Benefits”, and psychologist Robert Breen, Gambling Addiction expert. Rhode Island Hospital Gambling Treatment Program.

The main presentation will be by Michael Siegel of Public and Environmental Finance Consultants in Washington, DC. Mr. Siegel will present a preliminary report on fiscal impact of the Gettysburg casino, as well as identify the weaknesses in the Chance report.

“Mr. Siegel hasn’t had time to do a complete analysis, said Paddock, “but we are eager for people to hear his preliminary findings.”

Additional contacts:
Adams County Commissioners,
Lucy Lott, Glenn Snyder, Tom Weaver, 717-337-9820
Chamber of Commerce:
Margaret M. Weaver, President, 717-334-8151

Note: The 49 page Report by Keith Miller and talking points from Michael Siegel’s preliminary report will be available on the No Casino Gettysburg website Tuesday afternoon after the meeting.

No Casino Gettysburg has remained open and above board during the sometimes nasty fight over the casino. Their courage, and resolve on this issue is commendable, and GettysBLOG only wishes that same honesty extended to Chance Enterprises people. Sadly, it does not.

Watch for an honest report on the study in the Hanover Evening Sun.


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“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

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