Thursday, December 01, 2005

Breaking news!

This just in:

The meeting tonight scheduled between the Straban Township Supervisors and the representatives of Chance Enterprises, the group of investors behind the proposed Gettysburg Casino, Spa and Resort, has been opened to the public. Originally scheduled as a closed, private meeting, the Township finally gave in to intense public pressure and made the meeting an open one in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Law.

In the face of investor Barbara Ernico’s somewhat contradictory statements Tuesday, that "This is a courtesy to the township people and their elected leaders.”, and "We're trying to be up-front with people and listen to what they say.", the meeting remained closed to the public until late yesterday, when the press was notified that the meeting would, indeed, be open to the public.

There was some attempt to frame the announcement that the meeting was open to the public all along, but this was not the case. The two groups, Concerned Citizens of Straban Township, and No Casino Gettysburg hired a Harrisburg Attorney to go to bat to get the meeting opened. (For details, see essay # 67: A Champion Arises – either click on the title or scroll down this page to see it.)

Ms. Ernico is the “misambiguous” spokesperson for Chance Enterprises. She has replaced the Pittsburgh Attorney and Public Relations Specialist John Brabender, of the Law Firm Brabender Cox, who moved on to be the PR representative for Senator Santorum’s campaign, and MTR, the West Virginia based corporation that runs Mountaineer Track and Resort. MTR is vying for the Pittsburgh based stand alone Casino, and/or one of the two non-anchored stand-alone casinos in Pennsylvania.

Non-residents are encouraged to come to the Straban Township Municipal Building at 1745 Granite Station Road …wait….

Hold the phone!

This just in:

The meeting scheduled for 6 PM tonight has been canceled. In an apparent act of fear of confrontation with the public, Chance Enterprises, who requested the meeting, has canceled it.

But wait there’s more!

Chance Enterprises IS going to meet, starting at 12:30 PM today, with the "The Addams Family", (Adams County Commissioners) and the Chamber of Commerce! In an attempt to sneak past the public, they scheduled these meetings as unannounced, though the "The Addams Family" claims they are open meetings.

Stay tuned folks, as the saga continues while these out of town investors keep up their effort to smear indignities on the hallowed name of Gettysburg by building a casino here.

It should be obvious to all that, like cockroaches, Chance fears the light of public exposure.

Of all the investor groups vying for slots license in Pennsylvania, Chance is the only group with no announced backer from the casino industry. Harrah’s, for example, is such a company, as is Trump, and those two seem to be the winners for the stand alone anchored casinos in Philadelphia. (Harrah’s is trying to get the investment laws changed to allow them to own more than one casino.)

What is different about Chance Enterprises that they feel the need to operate in secrecy?

Did somebody leave some dead fish lying around here? Is that what that smell is? I thought it was Chance Enterprises and their buddies "The Strabaddies", "The Addams Family", and the Gettysburg Times.

Details at 11!

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