Tuesday, December 06, 2005

72: “Things That Go Bump In The Dark!”

What shuns the light of day? Only things like rats, roaches, bats, and nocturnal scavengers, and things long associated with darkness that humans consider evil.

So, why does Chance Enterprises shun the light? Are they to be categorized with the above? Why the insistence on operating in secret?

Economic impact studies won’t tip anyone’s hand to a competitor in the Poconos. There is little, if any risk of anything Chance Enterprises has been legally doing that would surprise or inform any competitors for one of the two stand-alone licenses for slots parlors in Pennsylvania.

Trust your gut instincts on this, it isn’t a fear of “tipping their hand to the competition” that causes them to conduct secret meetings.

It’s tipping their hands to the opposition.

Here are some of the ramifications to their actions late last week in holding largely secret meetings with the Adams County Commissioners, the Adams County Chamber of Commerce, and attempting to do the same with the Straban Township Supervisors.

  • They place these public officials in a position where they violate the Pennsylvania Open Meetings (Sunshine) law, in spirit, if not in fact.

  • By doing so, they make the elected officials look exceedingly bad, and worse: complicit and conspiratorial.

  • They drive support away and alienate the populace further by acting in secrecy and subverting the public right to know what is going on in their community. It gives the impression of illegality, corruption, and worse.

So, what can possibly be so secretive that Chance Enterprises continually shoots itself in the foot and falls farther and farther behind the Public Relations fight with No Casino Gettysburg?

Allow your instincts to have free rein here. Or, take a break from things and go watch an old Bogart movie on AMC or something.


At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Straban Township Supervisors (affectionately referred to here as "The Strabaddies" ) last night, "The Strabaddies" essentially stated the petition presented to them by Concerned Citizens of Straban Township asking them to pass a resolution opposing the construction and operation of a casino in Straban Township was questionable. 645 signatures were gathered from Straban Township residents. Township Solicitor Walton “Big Wally” Davis indicated there were 4,500 residents of the township, in an attempt to belittle the numbers provided by CCST.

A check on the website of the United States Census Bureau indicates Straban Township’s 2004 estimate stood at roughly 4,900, and with continued population growth, it likely exceeds 5,000 persons now. It is unlikely that CCST (Concerned Citizens of Straban Township) garnered signatures from non-adults. According to the United States Census Bureau, households generally contain almost two children in a household that is almost 4 people in size, per its 2002 statistics. And that is children under 18. If you include those between 18 and 21, the number goes up. A safe estimate would be that roughly half of Straban Township’s populace is of voting age, then.

So, 645 signatures is a much stronger number compared to 2,500 residents of voting age, than it is to 4,500 residents (of all ages) as posed by “Big Wally”. This blogger’s calculator puts it just over 25% of those people living in Straban who are of voting age. Considering that only about 30% of registered voters voted in the recent election, 645 signatures takes on major significance.

"The Strabaddies" have stated they will be taking their own “survey”. Sadly, they appear to be in no hurry to do so. Citing postage costs, and their own meeting schedule, they do not believe the survey could be completed before February.

645 of their fellow citizens and constituents, willing to sign a petition to get them to act against a project they have curried from the start, is apparently not enough to inspire a sense of urgency among "The Strabaddies".

The good citizens of Straban Township deserve better.

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!"


“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

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