Tuesday, November 08, 2005

“Election Day November 2005 Edition”

“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

The time to “Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!” has finally arrived.

It is our strongest recommendation that you vote today, and that when you do, you cast your ballots this way:

On statewide races:

For retention of Commonwealth Supreme Court Justices for a 10 year term:

Russell Nigro

Sandra Schultz Newman

Vote NO on retention.

For any local races, vote for anyone without an (I) after their names. (I) indicates incumbent.

Whatever you do, please VOTE!

“Be steadfast in your anger, be sure in your convictions, be moved by the right and certainty that abuse of power must be defeated at every turn; uphold Liberty as the just reward of a watchful people, and let not those who have infringed upon that Liberty steal it away from you. Never loosen your grip on Liberty!” -- GettysBLOG

Remember the Pay Raise!


“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

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Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!

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