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61: "An April March"

April 29, 2006

Mark your calendars now!

Re-enactors March on Harrisburg, Rally to Save Our Heritage, Deliver our Message: No Casino Gettysburg!

April 28-30 Planned encampments and education programs Friday April 28-Sunday April 30 at the National Civil War Museum in the beautiful Reservoir Park in Harrisburg, and at Riverside Park. March is April 29. Plan on it!

Please send e-mail to if your unit is interested in participating.

Re-enactors: ALL time periods, including the French and Indian Wars, The American Revolution, Civil War, WWI and II, Veterans, etc. Send me your thoughts on this event!

Citizens! Clubs! You can march with the Reenactors and carry your own banners.

No Casino Gettysburg March on Capital Co-Sponsored by City of Harrisburg

Growing opposition to a proposed casino in Gettysburg inspired a “No Casino Gettysburg Heritage March and Rally” to be held next April 29, 2006. The protest event is organized by the grass roots opposition group and is co-sponsored by The City of Harrisburg, the National Civil War Museum, the Civil War Preservation Trust and others.

The Saturday, April 29 protest march from Harrisburg’s City Island to the State Capital will include thousands of re-enactors led by Abraham Lincoln, and General’s Lee, Grant and Meade. The re-enactor units will include cavalry, marching bands, and units portraying other time periods, such as the American Revolution, or WWII. Other organizations and the general public are invited to participate.

Susan Star Paddock, chairman of the opposition group, said “We’ve already collected over 43,000 names on petitions, and plan to deliver those and additional names to the Capital that Saturday. The march and rally will cap one year of protest against the proposed casino, and will highlight a three-day heritage event in Harrisburg.

Friday, April 28 until Sunday, April 30, re-enactors and historians will create historically accurate encampments at Reservoir Park surrounding the National Civil War Museum, and at Riverside Park in Harrisburg, beside the Susquehanna River.

Paddock added, “We are deeply grateful for the support of Mayor Reed, the City of Harrisburg, and the National Civil War Museum. Their participation will ensure three days of high quality educational events and festivities. We’ll be working with the City to create events that the whole family will enjoy.”

Mayor Steven Reed will speak at the Rally.

“Gettysburg is this nation’s most beloved small town”, said Susan Star Paddock, Chairman of No Casino Gettysburg. “The Battle that took place on those hallowed grounds made us one nation, free of slavery. Along with thousands of re-enactors, school children, and ordinary citizens, we will demonstrate to the PA government that we want our national treasure saved from crass exploitation.”

The timing of the March and Rally on April 29 likely comes before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board votes on the Gettysburg casino proposal, and three weeks before the state primaries.”

[Blogger's Note: April is a very special month in Civil War History, as it was in April the war started in 1861 (Fort Sumter), and in 1862 the Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing) was fought. In 1865, the final battles in the eastern theater were fought (Sailor's Creek, Five Forks, Appomattox Courthouse) and the surrender of Lee was on April 9, 1865. So an April March on Harrisburg to help protect the Gettysburg area is most appropriate.

Indeed, there are many more April milestones in American history, such as Paul Revere's Ride, the Battles at Lexington and Concord, the Mexican War Battle of Cerro Gordo, and on April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany and formally entered World War I. In 1942, U.S. bombers flying from the aicraft carrier Hornet raided Tokyo and other cities in Japan, while elsewhere, the US was engaged in the first naval battle in history where the two forces never saw each other, as the Battle of The Coral Sea was fought by naval aircraft attacks on surface ships, and in 1945 the final battle in the Pacific Theater was begun on the island of Okinawa.

Perhaps a "Battle of Harrisburg" would be fitting. -- GettysBLOG]


“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

Please remember to donate your time, talent and funds to NoCasinoGettysburg either at their office or website.

NO Casino Gettysburg
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or contact them via the phone at 717-334-6333.

Thank you for donating!

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