Thursday, November 03, 2005

56: “Repent, Reform, Repeal! Too late… Résumé time!”

How absolutely amazing that the Pennsylvania State legislature, in an eleventh hour move, made an attempt to head off the popular uprising that would turn out of office two State Supreme Court Justices. Six days from election day, Operation Clean Sweep, and other popular taxpayer organizations that have mobilized against the sleazily passed midnight-plundering of the state coffers last July, have a victory in their pockets, but it is only the first in a series of much needed victories required to restore control of government back to the people of Pennsylvania.

Did the legislators get religion? Did they wake up today with a conscience?

Puh-leeze! Did we just fall off the turnip truck?

The legislators will wake up tomorrow with clear consciences, knowing they did the right thing. Not! They did what they had to do to forestall an overwhelming voter revolt, based on their own reprehensible and ethicless actions, not just last July, but the July before that. Oh, and it does go on back farther than that, but for now, we only need to go back to July of 2004. Act 71 (gaming) and Act 72 (homeowners' tax releif with gaming money) of 2004, two of the most egregious cases of legislative abuse ever foisted upon the public of this great Commonwealth. July, 2005, brought about the Pearl Harbor-like raid on the state treasury on behalf the legislators themselves, the Pennsylvania judges, and the office of the Governor.

But the story is not over yet. There may be some issues with the State Constitution that could foil the repeal effort, and there may be a problem with the State judges who have already begun collecting their raise.

Taxpayers/voters need to understand this raise repeal is only the tip of the iceberg. Think about it…why did it take 3 months of sustained outcry to get these legislators to repeal the raise? Why was it not done within two weeks? The answer is that political leadership in both parties, but particularly the arrogant and out of touch Philadelphia politician John Perzel, who has no idea how the other half lives, refused to consider that public outrage could ever be directed at them. Of course, neither do any others who work on the floor of the state senate and the state house.

If you understand nothing else about this repeal, understand this: the repeal was not done out of any sense of moral or ethical responsibility. It was done out of political fear. You, the voters and taxpayers of Pennsylvania have them running for their lives. Your efforts forced them to take desperate action in the hopes of heading off the non-retention of Justices Newman and Nigro. If they had done nothing, and those two justices were turned out of office, it would have been a clear signal to the legislators that they were in deep trouble, and an even clearer signal to the voters that they had finally seized the power that was rightfully theirs. Now, they can smile for the cameras, mouth platitudes about how they erred but righted themselves, “…and leave the justices alone, please!”

Sen. Jim Ferlo (D., Allegheny) said, "We need to repent, repeal and reform."

Absolutely correct Senator. Repent, repeal, and reform. And you left out another “R” word: Resume! Sharpen them up. You are all going to need them.

If the slimy way the raise was passed weren’t bad enough, the three months it took for leadership to recognize they needed to repeal the raise was a cold slap in the face to the citizens of this Commonwealth. It was sheer arrogance of power. Perzel, Fumo, Mellow, DeWeese, and others were not to be seen or heard from during this repeal process today. (Could it be because of a revolt among the legislators?).

There is only one way for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to retain their tenuous grip on the political power in the state: Clean Sweep.

It starts with next Tuesday: VOTE NO on retention of Justices Newman and Nigro. (For a refresher on these two “royal justices” look back at GettysBLOG #54.)

And keep those flames of disgust alive for the next year. Turn them all out next year. Give ‘machine politics’ in Pennsylvania a ride out of town on rail, tarred and feathered!

Because the repeal should never have been needed, nor should it have taken as long as it did. Its timing is purely political, and about as transparent as a glass window.

“Legislation without representation is tyranny!”

Pennsylvania, that’s what you have had for government in recent years: "legislation without representation". You deserve better than the arrogance and ethicless money-grabbers who run the state. Exercise your rights.

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“Legislation without representation is tyranny.”

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