Tuesday, September 27, 2005

50: "News of Note, #2"

First the good stuff:

Jim Gindlesperger has published his third book about the Civil War. We have been Internet friends for almost 10 years. This blogger admires his work -- good research and good writing. Here is his announcement:

"Many of you, while patiently waiting, have been asking when my latest book, Fire on the Water is going to be released. As you may know, publication has been held up by poor economic conditions in the publishing industry. I am pleased to announce that the book is finally ready for release! Even more exciting is the news that it as already been selected by the Lincoln and Soldiers Institute at Gettysburg College or consideration for the prestigious Lincoln Prize. The Lincoln Prize is awarded annually to the year's best work on Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War.

To commemorate the publication of Fire on the Water I have received permission to offer the book at a "pre-publication" 15% discount. The discount will also extend to either of my other two books as well (Escape From Libby Prison and Seed Corn of the Confederacy) if they are purchased at the same time as Fire on the Water. If all three books are purchased together, each one is 20% off the regular price.

This puts the pre-publication prices at:

Fire on the Water alone (regular price will be $27.95) - $23.75
Fire on the Water plus one other book (other books are regularly $24.95) - $44.95
Fire on the Water plus two other books -$66.15

Fire on the Water follows the voyages of the CSS Alabama, the most famous and most successful raider in the Confederate navy, and the USS Kearsarge, one of many federal ships sent to track the Alabama down and sink her. The two foes met off the coast of Cherbourg, France where the Kearsarge defeated the Alabama in an epic battle. The book details the hazards of shipboard life, including storms, fires, mutinies, and sharks in an amazing story of the fight for survival.

Escape From Libby Prison tells the exciting story of the famous tunnel escape out of the Confederacy's infamous Libby Prison in 1864, the largest mass POW escape in American military history. Escape From Libby Prison won the George Washington Honor Medal for Excellence, was optioned by Warner Brothers to be made into a feature movie, and was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary.

Seed Corn of the Confederacy documents the famous participation of the cadets from Virginia Military Institute at the Battle of New Market. Some of the cadets were as young as 15. Referring to Seed Corn of the Confederacy, an official at VMI says that the story "has never been better told."

To order any of these books, please forward payment to (Pennsylvania residents please add 6% sales tax; I will pay all shipping charges):

Jim Gindlesperger
P.O. Box 47
Tire Hill, PA 15959

I will be happy to sign any of these books, and, since I have heard from some of you that you would like to use these books as Christmas presents I would be happy to include a personalized message. Just let me know who you would like me to make the message out to, and if you have something specific you'd like me to say in the message, include that as well.

Thanks again to all of you for the patience you showed as you waited for Fire on the Water to come out. I appreciate all the messages of support so many of you sent during the long wait, and I hope this discount makes up for the delay in some small way."

Jim’s work is quite good, and is highly recommended here. A link to his website is on the sidebar to the right.


In other news, estimates of 1,500 to 2,000 people demonstrated at the State Capitol Building yesterday in Harrisburg. The demonstration, led by a coalition of advocacy groups including Pennsylvania Common Cause, Pennsylvania Clean Sweep, and a radio announcer from Harrisburg, WHP radio was there to protest the heinous acts of the Pennsylvania legislature in their midnight raid this past July 7, when they passed themselves an enormous 16 to 34% pay raise and the unconstitutional right to accept the raise in advance as an unvouchered expense. Also complicit in this conspiracy-burglary was Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Ralph Cappy, who provided the legislature with both encouragement and legal advice in the run up to enactment. Of course, Cappy benefited from the raise as well. So will the Governor.

Retired State employees have not received a cost of living adjustment in years. Current state employees have been doing without many of their customary pay raises ever since the Rendell Administration entered office.

One protestor, a retired teacher, was quoted as saying she was “hoping the legislators were in there, peeking out of their windows, seeing what a large crowd we are, and hopefully, they will then rescind their pay raise.”

A petition with 169,000 voters signatures against the pay raise was presented to the Speaker of the House, John Perzel, or rather to his Public Relations representative, as Perzel was in hiding from the crowds. The demonstrators entered the Capitol and went through the legislative office areas shouting “OINK!”.

Rendell was hiding in Philadelphia, and all of the other political leaders were nowhere to be found. Not one had the guts to come to the protestors and try to defend their actions.

“Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!” comes into play with two Supreme Court justices running for reelection. As the election approaches we will keep you apprised of who they are. Learn to keep your hands off the party levers, take the time to see who the candidates are, and vote out the incumbents. The true test will be next November, when the legislators, especially the leadership, run for re-election.
“Legislation without representation is tyranny!”


Two months ago a friend asked Bill Greenlee, the head of the prestigious Harrisburg Lobbying/Law firm Greenlee Partners LLC, to mention the No Casino Gettysburg Bike Ride that took place in August., in his daily online newsletter, Harrisburg Online. There was no response. There was no mention. This blogger did some checking only to find that Greenlee Partners LLC represents a slot machine company, Harrah’s, and our old nemesis, Chance Enterprises.

Their lead story today was on yesterday’s rally. As you can see, they were underwhelmed:

“Estimating the Crowd...neither an art nor a science. Estimates of the crowd size for yesterday's protest at the State Capitol varied wildly. Before reporters managed to get their estimates together, the Allentown Morning Call initially reported a mere 600 in attendance. Later, the Associated Press said "more than a thousand" and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and Pittsburgh Post Gazette upped it to more than 1,500 but the Harrisburg Patriot News topped them all with an estimate of 2,000. With all the media and organizational support, it was a rally dwarfed in size if not spirit by dozens of predecessor rallies.”

We’d put a link in to them, but, then, they didn’t respond at all, not even with a polite, “no”.



“Remember in November! Before you vote, GettysBLOG!”

“Legislation without representation is tyranny!”

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Linda said...

Great work as usual. I would have been at the rally but I just have no strength or stanima lately. Keep up the good work. There are so many new people to Pa. that need this info.